Monday, January 3, 2011

The One sided Version

This is with reference to the Article “Maneka’s love for Son misplaced” says Maya in TOI dated April, 5.
May I have the privilege of pointing out that the version described by you is rather partisan and one sided, as you have failed to mention a number of qualities of Mayawati highlighted by Maneka Gandhi. Mayawati, the highly ambitious and unscrupulous BSP Supremo eyeing the PMs chair in the coming elections is trying to equate herself with Mother Terresa, without realising that she hasn’t even a fraction of the great qualities which the “mother” had.
In her counter offensive on Mayawati, Maneka Gandhi has recounted saying that, Mother Terresa never took donations on her birthdays, she never got any one murdered, she never got firing done on any one, she did not send any body’s child to jail without any reason, she never took any bribe from contractors for purchasing gems & jewellery and houses and she was never a corrupt person. Another which can be added to the list is that she never got her statues erected anywhere and Maya should learn all this from Mother Terresa.
Would it be justified for Indian people to accept a person with such qualities for their Prime Minister. Such, people whoever they may be should be booted out of all types of power venturing.

Colonel LK Anand (Retd)

5 April 09

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