Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sir Winston Churchill : He wrote this 64 years ago !

Sir Winston Churchill...  His argument against granting India freedom...
"Power will go to the hands of rascals, rogues, freebooters; all Indian leaders will be of low calibre & men of straw. They will have sweet tongues & silly hearts. They will fight amongst themselves for power & India will be lost in political squabbles. A day would come when even air & water would be taxed in India. 

sent by Ashok Gupta 


  1. There is absolutely no doubt Chrchill was a hardcore racist ,imperialist and was personally responsible for 4 millions deaths in Bengal famine by sending all the produced rice to the military machnary. He is the fourth bigggest killer in the history after Mao-Se-Tung,Josef Stalin, Hitler and then Churchill.There is no doubt he was a great leader. patriot, man with great intuition and a true Brit. The interest of the nation was always at the top of his agenda. He could see the real colour of conman Gandhi, which 400 million Indians could not see and still can't see and his forecasts about Indian politicians have been proven 110% right.

    Though I despise Churchill for his hatred towards India and being a racist but I wish we had a leader like him after 1947 instead of conman Gandhi planted Muhammud Nehru and similar ones afterwards.


    1. DEAR SIR


    3. Amit Bhadhuri I agree with you to an extent. But I don't understand why you call Mr Gandhi Conman; he was great man this world would ever see such a man again.. his idealism is unrealistic in imperfect world. About Mr Churchill an aggressive leader duing the world war giving direction to the world always had his country's agenda. I guess even today the leaders first think about their country then rest, there is no who thinks of justice to weak and strength to the poor. I wonder what Tibetans on daily basis go through and who cares to give justice. Even in 21st century there are still occupied countries ruled by oppressive regimes. Mr. Churchill's are true speaking of India's condition. Where definition of justice and crime are subjective and laws are misused. Democracy is nothing but actions without restraint or moral responsibility and speech without moral responsibility.

    4. Mr Amit Bhadhuri, do you realise that your comment has simply underlined what Churchill stated. We Indians start fighting amongst ourselves and critisizing each other the minute we see trouble. I agree that our country is probably politically and economically at its worst today, but then instead of spreading hopelessness, is this not the time to come together and encourage each other to do our bit for our motherland. Is this not the time to prove Mr Churchill wrong?

    5. All talk about an 'India' is nonsense. When Clement Atlee gave the English possession all over the world, to local politicians, as part of his idiotic party ideology, he was doing the greatest of crimes. May he rot in hell till eternity.

      However, may be a return to pristine-English rule might still happen. When that happens, there will be a real tumbling down of the social order, and again the oppressed populations in the subcontinent will come up, as they did during the times of the English rule.

  2. Excuse me LK .. How can i Follow your Blog .. or how can i get your blog post on my mail ..i cant see any here ??!!!!

  3. It is great to hear these words, but does it not hurt that as a single individual you can awaken the rest to start returning the words that once Churchill said, back to the place where it belonged to? Can we as a united countrymen change this scenario? We can do it, the attitude is all that is required.

    Let us not be like Churchill, always to blame ... As for myself, we must be ashamed for allowing that man to talk about our country, just because he was asked to shut up.

    1. You stupid try to understand what he wanted to say. Just think after independence what they have done. Almost all beautiful buildings, bridges, railtrack etc. they build. not these leaders because they we filling swiss banks.

    2. The British have looted a lot lot more money and resources from India and have caused more deaths in India than all the leaders of Independent India combined. While today's politicians are rascals, that doesn't mean we have to praise the British. The railway tracks etc. that they built were only built so that they could loot more.

      Please read Will Durant's "The Case for India". You will be shocked at the scale of atrocities the colonial rule committed in India. Our forefathers have struggled like hell. And you are telling me the British have helped us? Shame on you.

    3. Yes, Britisher's have done better for India then our own Leaders,here are facts:-
      1.They Built highways in India
      2.They made biggest railways network in our country
      3.India's Economic capital runs on Locals created by Britishers.
      4.Created Canal system,which benefited indian agriculture.
      5.Our Military system is their contribution.
      long list..So if we criticize them for atrocities we should also praise them for their good.


    5. to:mr.scorpiondunk :
      SO, Sir I see that you seem very impressed with all the so called "development " or as you put it as "advancements " the british brought to the country, but did you even bother to think before mentioning that why would they have provided these facilities?? ...all those developments were not the result of good intentions of the british to help our people but instead they had done all those things to facilitate their own sins.let me put this in a simpler manner :
      WOULD YOU EVER IN YOUR RIGHT MIND THINK OF APPRECIATING OR DEFENDING A PERSON WHO if loots your house for 200 years kills your relatives your brothers, your innocent friends.. EXHAUSTS YOU emotionally as well as financially ... SUPPRESS YOU ; NEVER LETS YOU SPEAK OR RISE AGAINST THEM and then when that person is through or decides to run away after leaving you with droppings in the name of "good developments" gives you meager money or security so you don't feel motivated to get against the person or his country ..would you call that person worthy of praise??
      WHY WOULD INDIANS AFTER ALL THAT HAS HAPPENED DURING THE REIGN OF BRITISH EVEN DARE TO SAY THAT THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE LOOTED THEM EXHAUSTED THEM SHOULD BE APPRECIATED FOR LEAVING US NOT EVEN A BIT OF THE STUFF TO US AFTER ALL THEY HAVE STOLEN FROM US ?? this is completely unbelievable ...why are we letting the accused walk with away with praise and impunity rather than punishment for the cynical behaviour they have adopted for our own country men !!!
      those developments which you think were possible only during under the british administrations , then my friend i think you are a frog in the well ..because tremendous amount of development HAS happened even after the british .. the british had left us with nothing but circumstances and droppings under the shadow of "developments"..it was the people who were motivated enough to bring the country back to her independent ideals ...if you think the Britishers should be appreciated then why are you contradicting your own visionary why are you NOT APPRECIATING THE PLIGHT THE TRUE PATRIOTS HAVE CONFRONTED TO BRING THE COUNTRY BACK TO HER FEET ?
      thinkers !

    6. @Scorpiondunk... Read history. You will get to know what britishers did and why. U must listen to Shashi Tharoors video available on youtube. India's contribution to world gdp was 23% before britishers came to india and reduced to less than 2% when they left india.

    7. there are pros and cons in every discussion. Gandhi got his legal education in England. hence he was able to fight the Brits on their own legal principles. Our legal system is still based on the British system as also our parliament etc.. Our army is very much run on the British system. These are some of the Pros. As for Cons we Indians were not given any freedom of speech and were denied entry to various institutions (except the elite like Rajas and Maharajas who were chamchas of the Brits)like even the Mall roads in various cities. We all know that the Mall road in Simla(Shimla) and Mussoorie were out of bounds for Indians. On the other hand Gandhi lifted up the downtrodden and poor and dalits. We today shun the idea of cleaning our own bathrooms and instead will hire and pay a so called lower class individual to do the work. we must learn to respect everyone remove misguided idea of superiority. We have fought a good fight to gain independance but we must carry forward the ideals of our forefathers.
      This starts with educating our young people and children. We need a lot of courage as todays world is a challenge with its materialism and distractions. We have produced some great leaders in the past and I am sure we have many more in waiting for the future. India has great potential only if it tapped by people who are self sacrificing and unselfish.

  4. Dear guys,
    be thankfull, that we have independance, if not all of us would not have the courage to voice our opinions as you guys did above. i'm not a ghandhiyan, but i'm neither a followere of Sir winston Churchil. every thing we said above is our own doing. it was you & me who elected selfish people to politics. so let not blame gadhi and nehru for it. balme our self. at least we can thank our self that one in life time we take right decision by electing Abdul kalams. hope our future behold more of those than the silent ROBOT types who don't have guts to voice their opinion even if they know the path they are taken is goining to put their followeres into deep slumber.
    may my friends and my generation be a turning point in our nations history.


  5. Does the prediction of Winston Churchill coming true in India..

    Look at the politics and our political leaders..

    And I am sure the day will not be far that air also will be taxed in India..water is already taxed here..

    This is India..

    1. we already have greatest scam related to rights of airspace (2G SPECTRUM scam) :(

    2. It will be foolish on my part to support Churchill and modern Indian political looters. India has become such that morality has touched the nadir. A revolutionary change of mental make-up is necessary in Hindustan, Pakistan and Bangladesh. A devoted man of Vivekananda stature is necessary in this sub continent.

    3. As of in UK water is not sold and os free :)

    4. Next air will be taxed in India....., already it's happening in some places were people go for morning walk and breathe fresh pollution free air......under beautiful name of 'maitainance charge's.....

    5. Atrocities,Racism,intensions,freedom,restrictions on speech freedom ,sins etc.so big big words...!!!!
      all those developments were not the result of good intentions of the british to help our people but instead they had done all those things to facilitate their own sins.let me put this in a simpler manner :
      WOULD YOU EVER IN YOUR RIGHT MIND THINK OF APPRECIATING OR DEFENDING A PERSON WHO if loots your house for 200 years kills your relatives your brothers, your innocent friends.. EXHAUSTS YOU emotionally as well as financially ... SUPPRESS YOU ; NEVER LETS YOU SPEAK OR RISE AGAINST THEM ...........Here an important question arises...'What we Indians hab been doing to our own millions of brothers & sisters before arrival of British in Bharat...?We forced them to live in savagery just gave them enough to servive and continue to provide services 'mentally , physically , socially free for our vested interests....Does anybody mean to say that before Bengal Famine there were no famines happened in Bharat...?And did anybody thought who were actual sufferers of it...? We people talk about atrocities ,sins & bla bla bla.......How we behaved with & even deprived them of there inborn natural basic human rights & crushed them & human rights mercilessly as if a devil with our own Bharatians & still the same going on in a hidden way even after getting so called independence from British...What we were doing...?What our forefathers were doing....?Before arrival of Britishers in India i.e. Bharat inhumanity were prevailing at its peak....Who are tasting the fruits of freedom......Can anybody tell me the difference between freedom & independence...? Well anybody in forum can tell me to whom we call "BHARAT BHAGYA VIDHATA"..? & ask whom for his blessings...? We all are singing this song since the day we began to go in schools headlessly as if a taperecorder....why we say at last "Bharat mata ki Jay" three times...?Is the word "BHARAT" feminine....? OK.... leave it ....how many intellectuals of you know the actual meaning of the word "Indian"...?

    6. *अंग्रेजों को बुरा क्यों कहते हो*❓

      नासमझ लोग अंग्रेजों को बहुत गलत बताते हैं और अंग्रेजों को बहुत बुरा भला कहते हैं। लेकिन *obc* समाज में जन्मे *महान क्रन्तिकारी समाज सुधारक महात्मा ज्योतिबा फूले* ने कहा था कि *अंग्रेज शूद्र/अतिशूद्र केे लिए लिभगवान बनकर आये है.* अर्थात sc/st/obc/minority के *असली दुश्मन* अंग्रेज नहीं *ब्राह्मण हैं* जिन्होंने इनको शिक्षा सत्ता सम्पत्ति सम्मान से दूर रखकर *हजारो साल से शोषण किया है |* अतः शुद्रो को ब्राह्मणों की धार्मिक गुलामी से मुक्ति चाहिए तो *ब्राह्मणों द्वारा थोपे गए मान्यता परम्परा और संस्कारो को नकारना होगा ।*

      मैं कुछ जानकारी देना चाहता हूं जरूर पढें कि *अंग्रेजों ने कितने पाखंडों पर रोक लगाने में कामयाबी पायी...*
      इसे पढें -

      १) *रथयात्रा* :- जगन्नाथ में हर तीसरेवर्ष यह यात्रा निकाली जाती है जिसमें स्वर्ग पाने के चक्कर में रथ के पहिये के नीचे आकर सैकडों लोगों की जान चली जाती थी, कानून बनाकर बंद की ।

      २) *काशीकरबट* :- काशी धाम में ईश्वर प्राप्ति हेतु विश्वेश्वर के मंदिर के पास कुए में कूद कर जान देते थे बंद कराई गयी ।

      ३) *चरक पूजा* :- काली के मोक्षाभिलाषी उपासक की रीड की हड्डी में लोहे की हुक फसा कर चर्खी में घुमाया जाता है जबतक कि उसके प्राण न निकल जायें इसे 1863 में कानून बनाकर बंद कराया ।

      ४) *गंगा प्रवाह* :- अधिक अवस्था बीत जाने पर भी संतान न होने पर गंगा को पहली संतान भेट करने की मनोती पूरी होने पर निष्ठुर होकर जीवित बच्चे को गंगा में बहा देना कितना कठोर काम है 1835 में कानून बनाकर बंद किया ।
      ५) *नरमेध यज्ञ*:- रिग्वेद के आधार पर अनाथ या निर्धन बच्चे की यज्ञ में बली चढाने की प्रथा को 1845 मे एक्ट 21 बनाकर बंद किया गया ।

      ६) *महाप्रस्थान* :- पानी में डूब कर या आग मे जलकर ईश्वर प्राप्ती की इच्छा से जान देने की प्रथा भी कानून बनाकर बंद की।

      ७) *तुषानल* :- किसी पाप के प्रायश्चित के कारण भूसा या घास की आग में जलकर मरने की प्रथा कानुन बनाकर बंद की ।

      ८) *हरिबोल* :- यह प्रथा बंगाल में प्रचलित थी। मरणासन्न व्यक्ति को जब तक गोते खिलाये जाते थे तब तक वह मर न जाये और हरिबोल के नारे लगाते थे यदि वह नही मरा तो भी उसे वहीं तड़फने के लिए छोड़ देते थे उसे फिर घर नहीं लाते थे 1831 में कानून से बंद की ।

      ९) *नरबलि* :- अपने इष्ट की प्राप्ती पर अपने ईष्ट को प्रसन्न करने के लिए मानव की सीधी बली को भी अंग्रेजों ने बंद किया पर यह प्रथा यदाकदा आज भी चालू है ।

      १०) *सतीदाह* :- पति के मरने पर पति की चिता के साथ जल करमरने की प्रथा को 1841 में बंद किया ।

      ११) *कन्यावध* :- उडीसा व राजपूताना से कुलीन क्षत्रिय कन्या पैदा होते ही मार देते थे इस भय से कि इसके कारण उन्हे किसी का ससुर या साला बनना पडेगा 1870 में कानून बनाकर बंद की ।

      १२ ) *भृगुत्पन्न* :- यह गिरनार या सतपुडा में प्रचलित थी ।
      अपनी माताओं की मनौती की कि हे- महादेव! हमें संतान हुई तो पहली संतान आपको भेंट देंगे और इसके तहत नव- युवक अपने को पहाड़ से कूदकर जान देते थे कानून बनाकर बंद की ।. —
      ये है कथित हिन्दू धर्म की ब्राह्मणों द्वारा बनाई कुछ प्रथाए।
      १४)स्रिशुद्धीकरण प्रथा
      *जागो.... हैवानियत को त्यागो*❗❗

      *"कहीं हम भूल न जाएँ*

      ����हिन्दू धर्म में वर्ण, वर्ण में शूद्र, शूद्र में जाति, जाति में क्रमिक उंच नीच... और ब्राह्मण के आगे सारे नींच.. *अब गर्व से कैसे कहें कि हम हिन्दू हैं*❓

      शूद्र(obc), अवर्ण(sc/st)
      जाति तोड़ो...समाज जोड़ो

      *मन्दिर नहीं, स्कूल चाहिए*❗
      *धर्म नहीं, अधिकार चाहिए*❗❗

      ��Please note that the above information shared has no intentions to hurt anybodies belief & sentiments.......

  6. Dear Countrymen,
    Churchil said what he could foresee, as Gandhi & co were their own product. If Sardar Patel were alive we wouldn't have seen the present mess. Sardar has to follow Gandhi for obvious reasons.
    Added to woe nowadays is the sycophants, for few bucks they go to any extent.
    Media is also no exception - look at the coverage for Gandhi Family.
    For last many years there are no good words or articles about our armed forces except few odd high handed incidents of some seniors to demoralise our armed forces. Shame on the media.(Media is also under foreign hands)
    Right from childhood, the text books were one sided with all praise for Nehru & Gandhi. Today everyone knows reality but are left to fend for daily bread earning than national matters.
    Look at the way these leaders amassing wealth & declaring too shamelessly.
    I wonder, what the souls of Veer Savarkar, Bhagat Singh & many such valiant freedom fighters feeling looking at today's mess?
    God Save India

  7. i dont think there is a Nation which is more poluted and corrupted than our Nation. Eventhough im not a churchil-ist, i am having all the fears for what he said. till now, all his forcast seems to be real...

  8. Can we say our moral character is nigh beyond that of the Brit?

  9. No doubt the colonial rulers looted India"s treasure.. yet they introduced many new things, ranging from technology, modern administration and we are following the same without any shame..

  10. Important thing is if Churchil had that much vision before so many years, why no one had the same vision from India at that time?
    If yes why they kept quiet? if no then ....

    Answer - proving churchil wrong is only in our hand.

  11. Present state of Pakistan, India & Bangladesh are making Jinnah, Ghandi and Mujeeb look like great idiots ! The question is, if Pakistan, India & Bangladesh destiny was to become the family
    furniture of a chosen few, then, should Pakistan, India & Bangladesh come into being?

    1. talk for your own muslim country . don't bullshit us.

  12. How many colonies have been retained by Colonials/British ? They had to leave, what is so great of Aug 14 or 15 ? Some thing is terribly wrong with Jinnah Pakistan or Gandhi India.

    Jinnah Pakistan, Gandhi India or Mujeeb Bangla Desh can not offer choices or any alternatives on offer? None, because there is none.

    Just more of the same, the colonial past recycled to represent the future.

    Do we find any difference between life styles and attitude of colonials/West towrad Jinnah/Ghandi and Mao ?

    Did Jinnah/Ghandi risked their their lives ? What if they failed, they would have been hanged as traitors, their assests confiscated by the Crown, their fortunes forfeited, and their families left disgraced and destitute ?

    A period of 60 years tells us a lot about a Jinnah Pakistan, Ghandi India and their followers. As things stand since 1947, the India and Af-Pak is haunted by a profound fear of anarchy. There is an element of dread in the air. The streets throb with tension and agitation.

    Anxiety abounds about the future of the whole region.

    In Aug, 1947, we did not find The Freedom, but it was another kind of slavery. Aug-47 independence is a myth and deception.

    Colonials did not leave but most post-colonial narratives have this make-believe phase, which states that we are living in a post-colonial Pakistan, India, Bangla which are free.

    Jinnah Pakistan, Gandhi India or Mujeeb Bangla Desh were/are relevant to few ruling elites. The state does not exist for the masses. Ruling elites control all the resources and dominate political as well as economic life. The governments in Islamabad,

    Dehli or Dhaka have little or no bearing for the masses. Therefore state is a source of physical comfort, pleasure and financial well being for rulking elites. Whereas it is a source of distress, aggravation and annoyance for masses across the region.

    We should pay attention to ground realities of the post colonial web/world in which we are living.

  13. I was listening to some Congress politicians post Gujarat election talking about how the Central Government of India will never have single party government because regional power based on the caste, regional, etc. This reminded me of Churchill's quote. It suits the Congress to follow British policy of 'Divide and Rule' to stay in the power while the country is being fragmented.

    India needs someone Chanakya, Sardar Patel or N P Narayan to unite India under a new political force to remove congress of power a length of period to do away with effects of the Divide and Rule polices.

    May be Modi is that person who could do this.

    1. 'Well said' it looks like only NARENDRA MODI is the only alternative we could try with full power Bestowed upon him to save our country from sweet lip service politicians

    2. Congress or BJP all are same

  14. what is your source???

  15. two steps to prove churchill wrong
    1) abolish caste in india by doingaway vth surnames like mishra sharma patel reddy naidu .....
    2) revive the vision of raja ramohan roy i.e doingaway vth idolatory and idol worship.
    then thing will settle automatically.but is there any such visionary who can take such a bold initiative defying the emotions of masses?but it is a must for larger good of all

  16. Does anyone remember the British quote, something along line "There is Muslin India, Sikh India, etc.." so the freedom fighters can't talk about united India when they are seeking freedom? I hear Congress this speaking the same language different words these days.

  17. Could be of some help


  18. actually we Indians have forgotten everything what our forefathers, who shed their blood for our bright future, have dreamed for us. right from politicians, bureaucrats, arm-forces personnel, common people, everybody has become insensitive towards our nation.

    1. you are very right my friend,,we are not doing our work properly..

  19. Given the state of things, I feel Brits were the best authority to rule this country and Union Jack is the most suited flag to fly over the Red Fort. I know this is not gonna go down well with many coz of Brit "atrocities" etc on indians but lets have a look at history. The well sold out propaganda that Brits did it with "Divide and Rule". Are you telling me that before Brits came people here were brother-in-arms? Look at history. Before brits came we had an asshole called Aurangzeb who plundered the country in the name of Islam, destroyed thousand of temples, built mosques and murdered innocents.Then after him Nadir Shah and Ahmad Shah Abdali ravaged the country. Down south the "Tiger Of Mysore" Mr. Tipu was busy trying his best to wreck havoc on the nairs in Kerela(read captivity of Nairs in kerela) and persecuting catholics in mangalore. Looking further back numerous animals like Taimur, Ala-ud-din, Ghauri and Ghazni plundered our land. I know my ancestors paid 'jaziya' to aurangzeb. The point is the Brits by conquering india actually liberated us from the clutches of these vandals. They introduced western education, yes agreed to produce clerks for the Raj but that still had a huge impact.They built roads, brought trains,built the administrative structure(which is still almost same as days of the Raj),produced some great educational institutions(Indian school of Mines, Presidency college etc). They built the Howrah bridge which still stands tall as bridges built by corrupt indians keeps crashing every 5-10 years. And of course Ram Mohun Roy would have never succeeded in getting sati abolished without the support of Lord William Bentinck.

    The brits were good. They liberated us from tyrants, gave us education and gave atleast something to this land. I'll anyday prefer a Lord Warren Hastings or a Lord Clive at Delhi than a corrupt,intellectually void,poisonous and diabolical Lalu, Mayawati, Mulayum, a muted eunuch,or an Italian Godmother tearing apart this country through loot,appeasement politics and policy paralysis.

    Hail Winston Churchill and the British Empire!

    1. You are perfectly right !!!

      Why blame British when our self has so many flaws ? If not British some other country would have ruled india.

      What made others to concur us easily ???
      - Refrain to unite as Indians, in the name of caste etc.
      - Invite outsiders to invade us, for being jealous against our own people.
      - Selfish to the extent, even ready to sell the motherland to satisfy their vested interest.
      - Depriving basic education, water, shelter & justice for certain class. Not even recognizing them as human.
      - Un-touchability, Corrupt practices, sati, dowri ...

      Our historic attitude " Watch when others die, wake-up only when the threat comes to us" is the reason for us to loose against invaders.

      Mahmud gazni invaded Somanath temple with only few hundred people. Our vast nation could not stop it why ? - only because of the above attitude. How many people were British, when they came to india. How could they build empire without indian support ???

      Unless we learn & correct our mistakes, we will always be prey for any invaders.

      Finally, what Winston churchill said is absolutely true whether we like or not. We can only disagree him by proving him wrong !!!

  20. You have hit the nail on the head!! Whatever you have written is 200% right!! Unless we have the guts to accept the reality and take real steps to correct them, we will continue to wallow in mis-placed self righteousness that does not serve any purpose.

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  22. There are more than 120 religious countries in the world namely Christian and Muslim but in Aryabarta the only Hindu kingdom Nepal was made secular by the Indian Brown Sahibs. British left India not because of Gandhi or Nehru; they were compelled to leave because more than 50% of their population was killed in World War II and Britain was bankrupt. The then Prime Minister Attlee, when asked why the British were leaving India when the great war was already won and there was no demand for Indian freedom, Attlee replied "The Imperial (Indian) Army is no longer loyal to us due to Subhash Chandra Bose, we are sitting on a dynamite and anything can happen, that is why we are leaving India."Gandhi never asked for full freedom for India rather asked for 'self-rule. The longest human history of slavery of more than thirteen centuries is the history of India. British left India in the hands of their benevolent servants who committed themselves in writing that they will handover Netaji Subash Chandra, whenever he was arrested. The Indian freedom history has many concocted many myths. Moti Lal Nehru’s father was a police constable in Delhi. However the Indian people knew that Moti Lal used to get clothes dry-cleaned in Paris so how could his family be true nationalist? It is sad that centuries old slavery had brain washed Indians as such very few of them could be termed as impartial intellectuals. Bijaya

    1. yes sir what u have said is really true.
      all the indians should know this fact and stop praising first pm so called chacha who is also responsible for the humiliation of india after 1962 war.


  23. Lot of comments here but there is also misinformation. The idea that Churchill was "racist" is a fallacy. Churchill was not a flatterer. He said things about people that were "unpalatable". And so his views on India have to be judged on their content, not based on raw emotion.

    Read Churchill's account of the Indian soldiers that fought in the Malakand field expedition and his glowing accounts of the sheer courage of the Sikh and Gurkha soldiers. Also one can read his speech in Parliament after the Jallianwallahbagh massacre. If anyone thinks Churchill hated Indians, they should really read that Speech. A bunch of revisionist historians are using Churchill's dislike of Gandhi (which was NOT based on race) to tar him as a "racist".

    We may not like his views on many things (he was not an admirer of the caste system) but we have to understand the content of his criticism. He had two major concerns about independent India:

    (1) rampant corruption; and (2) a civil war between Hindus and Muslims. The savagery of partition proved him right on (2) and (1) is borne out by the type of leaders we have had. Churchill had a low opinion of Gandhi and Nehru. We may disagree with this view but surely their successors proved Churchill right.

  24. All of u rascals who are appreciating British should bath in kerosene and set yourself to fire because all you are doing by passing such comments is proving ur incompetence if u have the guts than bring a change yourself rather than insult the struggle our forefathers went through and those ignorant imbeciles who are stating that british ''developed'' india open your eyes and stop taking things at face value and think with that pea sized brain of yours....railways were built so that they could more efficiently plunder india....canals were built to irrigate lands of jute and sandbags which were grown at the expense of foodcrops which lead to man made famine and killed an entire state....amatuer contemparary thinkers open your eyes and do some research before passing such hopeless and utterly shameful comments

  25. why should we bother about the words of some one who was a cruel racist and imperialist.some of his words might be true such as bad leadership,ofcourse all the nations have faced this even so called most powerful nation usa,but today entire world is looking at us becoming the most powerful nation.

    1. where is power. pls see our remote villages, govt hospitals, schools, slums, world looking at just ambanis n business n softwares just consist of 5% of people of india. 95% oooo

  26. Firstly who is to blame for the Britishers to come and conquer India.The East India Company came to India to trade later finding that all our Indian kings where fighting against themselves decided to exploit the situation and conqueror.Where was the rest of India when Hyder Ali & Tippu Sultan had to face the British. Have we joined hands unitedly we would have driven the Britishers out. The British where shrewd to know that they could not conquer India if it was united. Hence they advocated the divide and rule policy.If the great ALexander and his army was discouraged to cross the Ganges to face the mauryan empire after fighting Porus,then imagine the strength of India if united jointly.Britishers would have been a cake walk for us. However we are still fighting the among ourselves.After Independence we handed over the country to politician who behave like the kings of the old.They are worried only about themselves,exploiting the country for their own benefit.Every where corruption,plundering ,civil unrest,lawless. Politicians are a plague to Indian growth.

  27. There were many invaders to India before British like Greeks, Shaks, Arabs, Turks etc. Each one of them looted India but contributed nothing to the society. No doubt, British also looted India not less than any of these. Despite that, undoubtedly India was benefited out of British Rule. British might not have intended to do this, but unintentionally have contributed many things.
    1) British politically unified India which none of the other could do for several centuries. They did it for their own gain but ultimately India got benefited.
    2) British created railways for their own convenience. But today IR is recognized among top railway networks of the world.
    3) No doubt, British introduced their education to distort our culture. But today India is the world leader in IT field & among top nations in Space technology, Medicine, Bio Tech etc which was possible only due thro the modern education.
    4) Our military was modernized by British for their own advantage. But today we are capable of challenging china & other countries only due to this.
    5) Automobile, Aviation, Roads, Machinery, Electricity, Hospitals, Industries, Postal system, Modern judiciary system everything was possible due to British rule.
    As British introduced these systems, Indians basically intelligent quickly adapted it, mastered over it & took it forward. Today we are shining due to our talents but cannot forget that the roots have originated since the British regime in India.

  28. I think Britishers can never be forgiven for what they did. It cannot be for the betterment of any one except themselves. Corruption is not new to India. It has been there since a long time & due to such negative human traits like corruption, short sightedness, etc Indians have time & again lost & have been ruled by foreigners. So it was not a very difficult comment to make. There were many other such comments forecasting that the idea of India will fail & I am sure nobody in this world will agree.

    I think it is upon us to take lessons, understand, rediscover, improvise & achieve.

  29. Agreed, British did everything for their convenience. But we are benefited of these or not ?

    Just Imagine earlier days - Our nights were dark without electricity, traveled on bullock carts, communication was primitive, cook with firewood, our mothers had to fetch water from far-off wells, no woman empowerment, education limited to only specific sectors, no modern medical facility, our defense limited to swords & spheres .

    Today our mothers cook on gas stoves, microwaves, we travel in flights, AC trains, we use internet, mobile phones, We launch satellites & rockets, we get superior medical treatment... How?

    Whole of India North-South, East-West got united by means of common language – English which otherwise wouldn’t have been possible.

    Our sisters have become doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, occupied superior posts only due to modern education.

  30. Dear All

    I think if we were to spend time understanding who was right and who is wrong, would only result in a never ending blame game. One should always have the capacity to Learn,Unlearn and Relearn that is when we can truly change.the British did what they wanted as they were smart enough to understand our dynamics. India continues to be what it is as we are still following certain blind beliefs. Just look around and see how self-proclaimed baba's/guru's and film actors are kept as ideals of our society. Is their anything that we can learn from them?
    It's time we awaken to see the need to uphold "Public Intellectuals" as leaders for our country. Their so much of brain drain in our country as we do not know how to sustain intellectuals. The research and development in this country is a shameful affair, how do we expect developing innovation and ideas without steering it.
    Invest on research and development.
    Have faith in yourself.
    Be proud of our tradition of yoga and meditation towards self development.
    Stop aping the western culture.

  31. Just so you know, Churchill never said this.

  32. ranjan a. nathan12 November, 2013 09:08

    we must remember these words of sir Winston Churchill, let us be true and not hypo critic to these, we have watched this beautiful country of ours being raped by our politicians and leaders making the common man feel like sheep. Even though some of the 'rascals' have been put behind bars, they enjoy first class luxury treatment in the jails, we are made a mockery of our citizenship, we just sit in the corner and cry, god save this country.

  33. Did any one understand why he has told that sentence. Only because he was aware about that Government structure and all law were made during british rule will be followed. Almost 80% of current structure is based in Government of India Act 1935. Also our leaders took all things from out side not from our history or spiritual books. Still they are getting inspired from other country and if it will continue then be sure there will a time when India will go to other country's hand.

  34. Some people say that Britishers built railway tracks, roads and are responsible for the growth of India. Without them India could have done much better. At that time India's GDP was less than 1(may be negative). According to economic historian Angus Maddison in his book Contours of the world economy, 1–2030 AD: essays in macro-economic history, India had the world's largest economy during the years 1 AD and 1000 AD. British economist, Angus Maddison argues that India's share of the world income went from 27% in 1700 (compared to Europe's share of 23%) to 3% in 1950. So it is clear Britishers just looted India and there did nothing for the growth.


  36. First of all Gandhi was not even an Indian, he was South African. Nationality is critical not origins otherwise we would all be in a zoo!! Secondly a look at India now tells the story, we threw out a class of educated rulers to replace them with uneducated thieves and then if that was not enough , we had an Italian ruling us for 10 years and hopes for more...makes you pray for the Brits

  37. What Churchill said is more relevant especially after seeing media report on Parliament panel which wants doubling of pay, automatic pay revision mechanism for MPs - the parliamentary panel has recommended doubling the salary of law makers and also increasing pension of former MPs by almost 75%. The joint committee, which has submitted its recommendations to the government, has also proposed an automatic pay revision mechanism for parliamentarians like that of pay commission for government employees.

  38. This remark was never made by Churchill. Read what his biggest researcher currently has to say at his website:


  39. Who are you calling conman sir?. Gandhiji will go down as the man of the 20th century who outclassed and outsmart Sir Winston Churchill and the British, I regret your remarks. Mr. Churchill had Gandhi phobia.

  40. Winston spoke those words in anguish while loosing the wealthiest nation of his great empire. It must not be taken as a messiah's words of wisdom. As on date we are far better than his country.

  41. what Churchill attributed to Indian politicians is true to all the politicians of the world who dispose power. it is a human tendency. it is not meant for India alone. had it not taken place in england, france, russia, germany. everywhere it takes place but unfortunately indian situation is romanticized and magnified as if no similar situations have happened around the world.

  42. Winston Churchil was not just a racist but an evil person. You need to read the book "Churchill’s Secret War: The British
    Empire and the Ravaging of India during
    World War II" by Madhushree Mukherjee and you will learn that this bastard denied starving Bengalis food and diverted it to soldiers in Mesopotamia. 2 million died in Bengal famine.

  43. If Churchill had ever said or made statement as discussed above, I would salute that man. We must appreciate the caliber and vision of a person to visualize and analyse the situation.

    What he analyzed 70 yrs back is so true ... and we are certainly heading towards Helllll..

  44. "Swadharmo nidhanam shresta, paradharmo bhayavahaha..."
    ....Bhagavad Gita.

    Mad race by everyone of us to earn everything (Money, Name, Fame, etc) for ourselves has brought, not just India but, every nation to this state.

    Do you guys think that an average citizen in the richest country in this world is truly happy and satisfied or that he/she feels safe within his/her homeland or even his/her own state, district or locality.
    No, why..? because he/she instinctively, sees himself/herself in every other individual, ie, an opportunist exploitor. He/She would think that given the opportunity the other person would exploit him/her so he/she themselves would exploit the other person if they can.
    This is the case with each if us, not just the politicians, the only difference is the scale on which this exploitation is done.

    The British have over exploited us, Indians and India: physically (labour to construct the transportation facilities for them to ease the transportation of the loot from India), financially (loot everything including silks, artisans, jewellary, gold, diamonds officially), economically (like forcing us to stop the domestic production of many indegenous products like thread, cloth, silk, SALT, spices, and forcing us to buy many of those back from them at higher prices), spiritually (calling ours worship, Gods and Goddesses as pagan, conversions in the name of providing education, medical servises and financial support) and many more atrosities.

    The injustise of all these rankles me even now. Stop insulting our freedom fighters especially Mahatma Gandhi, who was anyway just the tip of the spear for the Indian Freedom movement, the remaining main part of blade and the body of that spear being youth like you and me who did everything within their power to fight those atrosities even going so far as to volunterily giveup their lives for the future generations (you and me).
    Please do not insult the sacrifices of our past generations.

    Note that there never was nor will there ever be a leader in the world who is without a single fault, that doesn't decrease their worth, rather it makes them more human (humans being imperfect).

    Likewise ever country has its share of strengths and regrets. No country, nor rather none of the rulers of any country are perfect. Each of them have done himalayan blunders at some points in their respective lives, that does not mean that they are rascals, theives, or humbugs.

    Coming to the starting verse....
    Rather than criticizing some faroff politician who is to do his duty to his people (his work) and who you feel is not doing it up to the mark, our energies would be better spent doing something fruitful to the country ourself (doing your duties as a citizen of The Republic of India - this includes many things, but most primarily 'Exercise your power of Vote with accepting a Bribe'). You should neither give a bribe or take a bribe. Use your mobile cam for any proofs. If you fear for your life to do this my dear brother/sister, then 'you do not have the right to criticize anyone (politician or others) as curroupt, because they act out of as much self preservation as you and I.

    Hate my words if you don't like them, but they are true nontheless...I don't care about other person's hatred towards me, so my advise to the reader is to not to waste it on me.

  45. my apologies...vvip correction
    'Exercise our power of Vote without accepting a Bribe'

  46. look at you fools going on about Churchill. he was an imperialist and a racist, all "development" that you credit the Brits with wasnt done for you, it was for their own benefit. they raped other countries and stashed all the riches