Monday, January 3, 2011

Shifting IPL to South Africa is a National Shame, undoubtedly

With reference to your Editorial ”Game On”, I am pained to go through your lop sided justification in support of BCCI and Mr Lalit Modi, the highly egoistic chairman of IPL, for shifting the IPL out of India. It seems the only consideration is cash and nothing but cash alone. The BCCI and chairman of IPL have seriously disrespected and harmed the sentiments of crores and crores of Indian admirers of the game.
They have displayed a blatant disregard to the very important and vital National event that is the General Elections which is held only once in five years and obviously there can be no reason to change its schedule. Most Indians fail to understand the urgency and justification with Mr Modi to hold the IPL matches coincidentally with the elections. The dates can definitely be changed to ensure that the IPL remains within the limits of India and India alone.
Obviously, it is the ego factor and money considerations uppermost in their minds. In my view India should never allow shifting of IPL out of India. Come what may.
I fully support the feelings and arguments of Mr Arun Jaitley and Narendra Modi, that shifting IPL out of India is nothing but a National shame, whatever may the Indian Home Minister, Mr Chidambaram, a weak Home Minister of a weak central government, headed by a weak PM, say in the matter. It is a pity that Indian Government has now seriously and deliberately sent a message to the world that India is still incapable of ensuring safety and security of its citizens, National level events as well as beholding its National pride.
The Government can still act and persuade the BCCI and IPL, which are stepping out of their shoes to refrain shifting abroad and to revised the schedule suitably in view of the General elections.
Col LK Anand (Retd)
26 March 09

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