Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Case for Grant of OROP - Maj Gen APS Chauhan

Dear Dr Rao,

Agreed Indians did NOT have any military culture in society and so never even after 47 too ventured anywhere near compulsory national service ; or we would not be engaging in this dialogue!
Why because we are evasive love exhibitionism-slogans, debates, politiking and let someone else do the fighting. Which makes our patriotism extremely superficial, glamorous-we love to convey this through filmy songs, bollywood and pageantry. Above all we love deceiving, detracting and confusing, love to be in permanent state of jubilation and entertainment or cricket wouldnt be our national game !
Dr Rao you are now asking such gentry to give its opinion on a subject with which it is totally disconnected! Giving sweet lessons that the profession of arms is a unique occupation so let us have votes and views whether we should accept OROP! How ridiculous. The human race has been engaged in warfare ever since stone age and that Indians haven't yet understood it has unique and unequal contents then our bad luck too late to understand now. So why such exercise? OROP is a simple concept of applying a principle . Your party has to just accept the principle in principle! Service HQ can then go through various models in other countries pick up one get the Cabinet OK . The job is beyond Rajya Sabha cronies most of whom haven't seen the barrel of a gun! And why Rajya Sabha may one ask?
Dr Rao all this is beating around the bush for diversion. You are simply parrying and reacting to OROP agenda as elections close in! troubled perhaps by the notice being attracted by IESM which you also know is a front of your political rival!
If I may share my reckoning , political fortune of your party is in pretty bad shape for having done so much against the interest of the people AND THE NATION so also of your rival for having done nothing or simply collaborating!
So here is one chance you could get a pat on your back may be a Governorship too ! Pull the carpet from under your rival by getting the OROP through in one stroke NOW to clear the moral debt of the political class to the profession of arms! For a country's soldiers do not fight for one party or the other as you must know and educate your mentors so !
thank you, best wishes

Jai Hind -let us live up to this salutation which originated in Berlin conceived by Netaji raising the first contingents of the INA!

Maj Gen APS Chauhan

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