Friday, April 22, 2011

India Against Corruption - Letter by Col LK Anand Retd to Baba Ramdev Ji and his Supporters

Respected Baba Ramdev Ji and your ardent supporters,

I very much appreciate your concern to start the campaign against corruption as also to save/protect the country from all the wrong acts of criminally oriented politicians etc. If such shameless acts are being pertpetrated with the connivance of the government, then I presume it would be too difficult a mission. I personally feel that it is the weaknesses of our central and state governments all over, that all types of mafias have started raising their heads just to accumulate more and more wealth. Most of it has been conveniently stash away from the country, out of reach of the indifferent government, perhaps whose functioneries seem to be also involved and of course from its main and actual beneficiaries ie the loyal citizens of India,
Do you think, our President would act upon your noble call and mission, is a million dollar question? The government is already hoodwinking even the Apex court and the Indian citizens, and would not expose names or act against those robbers/plunderers under the pretext of treaties. The other cases of corruption have also been put aside for prolonged proceedings till they go out of the minds of Indian people.
Since decades our governments have not tried to suppress such atrocities or to find a solution to the problems of mafias and underworld, perhaps because most of their leaders, only bank upon their illegally amassed wealth, to help them come to power, so that such illegal activities could continue unabated till they are in power. Unfortunately, our law enforcing agencies not being autonomous, and being sub servient to them, also work and act at these leaders' beck and call, and hardly for the citizens for whom they are meant. Sir, we must insist for putting all ministers / bureaucrats / officials facing serious corruption charges behind bars immediately and also confiscate their entire wealth and properties and put them to appropriate uses by the respective Governments without any delay.
You definitely have given a fillip to the urgent need for a severe uprising by our enlightened and committed citizens and judiciary whose authority is also becoming diluted and questionable now. The dire need is to compel the governments to take notice and act, to put an end to such criminal acts and to enforce a rule of law for the benefit of normal law abiding citizens.
The pressure has to be exerted on the government to change the Lok Pal bill as suggested by you or else its passage should be totally got blocked for enactment. If unfortunately the government fails to react favourably at this uprising and turns a Nelson's eye towards this campaign, to continue on the path of inaction, then we shall be heading towards total ruination of the country, its culture and its values. We therefore, must persist on making this campaign itself a total success and force the Government to act at once.
With regards best wishes and good luck to your noble mission.
Col LK Anand Retd

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  1. A very good letter Colonel Anand. Baba Ramdev started this movement and Annaji should have been more thoughtful not to go along with it. Possibly either Annaji wanted the glory all for himself or he has been influenced by the pseudo-secularists who have sorrounded him and pulling the string.
    Pleae print this comments.
    Amit Bhadhuri