Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Pathetic Lok Pal Bll

By TN Raman

Dear Veterans,

A great Lok Pal Bill. Every one of our intelligentsia had something to say about it. Some of the words of wisdom from various commentators including the politicians are given below as samples:-

"This Bill is against the constitution of our Country"

"The Prime Minister should not be included under the Lok Pal Act" – Jayalalitha.

"CBI should be under the Lok Pal" - majority of the Political Parties.

"Such a Lok Pal will become one more Power Centre to be dealt with"

"Lok Ayukta should not be included in the Lok Pal Bill"- TMC, DMK and AIADMK.

"All Govt Servants should be included" BJP and Left Parties.

"Only the Class A & B Govt Servants should come under Lok Pal" BSP, RJD and some other parties.

"This is a strong Lok Pal Bill, stronger than what Anna Hazare demanded"-  Congress

"This Lok Pal Bill has no teeth, therefore, it is immaterial whether it is passed or not. It can never tackle corruption" - BJP, CPM and many more.
"There is no requirement of such a Bill at all" majority of the commentators after the  Rajya Saba episode.

The irony of the situation was that even some of the Congress men were found thumping their desks, when Ram Jeetmalani made his speech, till the time they heard the mention of Rajiv Gandhi and Bofors.

But, one aspect on which the Team Anna could not comment was the inclusion of the reservation class in the Bill for Backward Class and Minorities. Though the BJP and some right wing parties opposed this clause as anti Constitutional, it found support with all other political parties including the Communists. Team Anna brought in its Political acumen to remain silent on this issue, because, any opposition to this clause would have branded them as non secularists.

The Ruling Congress party had already announced the reservation of 4.5 per cent out of the 27 per cent meant for the Backward classes to the minority community, which was surely aimed at the forthcoming UP Elections. This was confirmed indirectly by a Union Minister who gloated by saying that, "with this provision, the wind has been taken off the sails of Mulayam Singh".

In fact, it was evident that Mulayam Singh  had been caught in a bind. To rectify the situation, he put in his bid for more allocation to the Minority community than the present 4.5 per cent.

Only, the BJP had the guts to oppose this amendment which was passed in the Lok Saba. All other parties kept quite to safe guard their credentials as secularists, in the eyes of the Public and specifically in the eyes of the Minorites.

Whether  this amendment has constitutional validity or not, the Congress is not bothered now. The Party believes that it will have the Voters Validity, in the forthcoming elections.

With all this happening, the Lok Pal is left in lurch. Pathetic Lok Pal !!
This topic aside, there were some interesting snides going on in "We Gunners" net. Kindly see below. I honestly appreciate the sense of humour in these exchanges, which is better than the "Sense of the House" proclaimed by Pranab da, in August this year! 

"Team Anna has started Jail Bharo registration. I request all our Vetran supporters to kindly register. This time Anna may meet his match and you all will get an opportunity to be in indirect support him. This is how we can change India. Please do not back out. Regards, Thomas"

"Gentlemen In my part of the country people are grateful to Anna for starting Jail Bharo Program. Many people are registering their wives.   Balkar Singh"

Regards and Best wishes,


Col Raman TN Sarma 


  1. Dear Raman,

    Yours is a rational analysis of a straight thinking person. Unfortunately the world, especially the Indian politics, does not follow any rationale, or logic, or national interest. It is ruthless self-interest. It is simply Might is Right. The bahaviour of various parties and individuals is totally different from what they are saying. Please don't take anything spoken by any of these worthies seriously. The activity behind the scenes is shocking, and it includes all political parties and civil and uncivil societies.

    Actually I am so amused by the adjectives being used to describe the "Dream Lokpal Bill" and the one attempted in the Parliament.


    Brig kuldip chhokar

  2. Sat, 31 Dec 2011 08:25:08
    Dear Brigadier,

    Thank you very much for your comments. I agree with you.

    We all know that the fate of Lok Pal Bill was sealed on 11 December itself, when Team Anna called upon all the Political Parties to its Jantar Mantar show. The Congress Party did not represent. Leaders of other Political Parties were unanimous in their support to India Against Corruption (IAC) Movement launched by Anna. But most of them, including the BJP cautioned Team Anna to allow the Parliament to debate and find a solution, without any pressure. Team Anna had maintained that only their version of Jan Lok Pal Bill must be passed. This rigidity in their approach was not appreciated by many, including the public.

    The Team Anna could sense the waning of Public support to its call for 27 December Fast and the call for Jail Bharo Andolan. For a change, the same visual media, through which it initially gained popularity six months back, was the cause of its down fall now. Therefore, Anna promptly called off both the events.

    The UPA do not have majority in the Rajya Saba is a known fact. The inclusion of the constitutional status to Lok Pal, where a Constitutional Amendment requiring two third majority, will not be possible, unless the BJP votes for the motion. The BJP will not give credit of passing of the Lok Pal Bill to its arch rival, the Congress Party. That also when the elections for five states have been announced.

    Yesterday, Santosh Hegde, a leading member of Team Anna, had stated the truth. "None of the Political Parties wanted the Lok Pal at this time. It was their collective effort that caused the present dilemma". The common man was aghast at the spectacle of the bill being saddled with 187 amendments on the last day of the debate and some of the UPA partners like the Trinamul Congress, which supported the Bill in the Lok Saba turning volte face on the issue of Lok Ayukta, in the Rajya Saba. RJD under the supervision of Lalu Yadav from the Visitors gallery, enacted its bit of vandalism by prompting one of its MsP in the Rajya Saba to snatch and tear off the Bill and throw it in the well of the House, just before mid-night.

    BJP calls it " Murder of Democracy at Midnight". Congress retorts by saying, "the Assassins blaming the victims". Anna proclaims that he would campaign against the Congress in all the five states where the elections are announced in the first quarter of 2012. So, finally his identification with the BJP has been spelt out.

    What about the Public? They are singing, "Kolaveri, Kolaveri, Kolaveri di!"

    Jai Hind!!

    Col Raman TN Sarma