Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 CPC - Issue Of NFU (Non Functional Upgradation)

1.     All Defence Offrs, please be informed that Offrs of other services with whom you interact on functional basis, like MES Civ  Offrs, GREF Civ Offrs, Offrs  of  BSF, CRPF ,ITBP, Def Accts(IDAS), Test Audit(IA&AS), Ord Factory Bd etc,  will now get the salary and grade pay of Joint Secretary/ Maj Gen (GP Rs 10000/-) in 19 yrs of service, and will draw the pay of Addl  Secretary to Govt of India which is equal to a Lt Gen(GP Rs 12000/-) in 32 yrs of service by virtue of their service being Organised Gp A Service.

 2.      The above condition has been brought about consequent to acceptance of 6 CPC recom on NFU by GoI , wherein it recommended that  whenever any IAS officer of the state or joint cadre is posted at the Centre to a     particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in Pay Bands PB-3 or PB-4,the officers belonging to batches of Organised Group A services that are senior by two years or more and have not been promoted so far to that particular grade would be granted the same grade on a non functional basis from the date of posting of the IAS officers in that grade at the centre. Hence if an IAS officer becomes Joint Secretary in 17 years of service the offrs of Org Gp A Service(like the ones mentioned in Para 1) will start drawing the salary of Joint Secretary in maximum of 19 years of service and similarly that of Addl Secretary / Lt Gen in 30 and 32 yrs resp.

3.       Why is it not applicable to Def Offrs :  Because as per Govt of India  Def  Offrs are NOT part of Org Gp A Service and the above recom is applicable to only to the latter.

4.       If Def Offrs are not part of Org Gp A service then what are they :They are just ‘Commissioned Officers’.

5.       If all the above is correct then who all form part of Org Gp A Service and how Def Offrs call themselves Class 1 offrs ; Central Civil Services  mainly include AIS (All India Services, namely, IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service) and Org Gp A service .There are a total of 58 services forming part of Org Gp A service. Please see the attachment. Def Offrs are not part of Civil Services but have been broadly kept at par with Gp A Offrs of Civil Services( erstwhile known as Class 1 offrs) by various Pay Commissions. The reference to same since independence is attached.

6.       Background to recom of NFU for Org Gp A Service  as per 6 CPC:

         (a)      The Sixth CPC observed that there is a conventional edge of two years between IAS and other AIS/ Central Group A services and stated that though the Fifth CPC had taken the view that the edge need not be disturbed, in practice, however, the gap of two years (for posting to various grades in the Centre in form of empanelment of IAS officers and promotion for other Group A officers), has increased in respect of many organised Group A services.

        (b)     The sixth CPC felt that this is not justified as Organised Group A services have to be  given their due which justifiably should mean that the disparity, as far as appointment to various grades in Centre are concerned, should not exceed two years between IAS and organised Central Group A services. It recommended that the Government should, accordingly, consider batch-wise parity while empanelling and/or posting  at Centre between respective batches of IAS and other organised Group A services with the gap being restricted to two years.

      (c)      Therefore whenever any IAS officer of the state or joint cadre is posted at the Centre to a  particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in Pay Bands PB-3 or PB-4,the officers belonging to batches of Organised Group A services that are senior by two years or more and have not been promoted so far to that particular grade would be granted the same grade on a non functional basis from the date of posting of the IAS officers in that grade at the centre.

       (d)     The higher non-functional grade so given to the officers of organised Group A services  will  be personal to them and will not depend on the number of vacancies in that grade.

      (e)     These officers will continue in their existing posts and will get substantial posting in the  higher grade that they are holding on non functional basis only after vacancies arise in that     grade. This will not only ensure some sort of modified parity between IAS and other Central Group A services but will also alleviate the present grade of disparity existing between promotional avenues available to different organised Group A services. 

      (f)    The Government accepted the recommendations of Sixth CPC and granted the NFU to  Organized GP A Services .

7. Why should the def offrs get NFU :Because of the following reasons :

        (a)    None of the Org  Gp  A service faces  as much stagnation as the Armed Forces offrs because of   its pyramidal structure. In fact, on the contrary, most of the Gp A service offrs, as it is, reach the level equal to Addl Secretary due to cylindrical structure of promotion of their service. Only  issue for them is,’ in how many years’. In comparison, 97% def offrs retire at the levels below Joint Secretary / Maj Gen. Hence, if the logic of giving NFU to Org Gp A offrs is stagnation, then, no one deserves it more than the Armed Forces  Offrs.

            (b)       Traditionally, since independence, there has been a broad parity between the Class 1 / Gp A offrs of Civil Services and the Defence Services  Offrs  which has been acknowledged   by different Pay Commissions in their reports. In such a case ,the differential  behaviour  of  6 CPC not only disturbs the financial parity, it pushes down the def services in status as even direct recruit  offrs of Gp B services  attain a better pay and promotional avenue and manage to reach the level of Joint Secretary / Maj Gen before retiring . In fact, now  Sub Inspectors of CRPF/BSF/ITBP too can beat Def Services Offrs when they too will retire with the salary of Addl Secretary / Lt Gen, if they get promoted as Asstt Comdt / DSP in 8 yrs. All this will only fuel frustration, disgruntlement and   will have a demoralising effect on the Armed Forces  Offrs.

          (c)        Since Def Offrs will have to work alongside some of the Organised Gp A Services    mentioned, a disparity of this magnitude will lead to functional problems .In some stations, it is already being heard that Civ Offrs have started projecting themselves as senior to top military offr like Stn Cdr. In a specific case a Civ Chief Engineer  of MES has started considering himself senior to a COS  due to NFU and started saying so all around. Such problems will only increase in future. Moreover, this issue must not be allowed to linger till  7th CPC for resolution. If our top brass stands up united on this issue, the govt will have to accept it. Service HQs  are aware of this issue and had sent a proposal to MoD, but it has been rejected. However , the issue needs a more forceful pleading duly backed by Service Offrs unanimously.

8.     Benefits of NFU : It will not only benefit the offrs  facing stagnation at the level of Lt Col, Col, and Brig, but will also benefit senior offrs like Maj Gen and Lt Gen who otherwise pick up their ranks in 29 yrs and 35 yrs resp, as they will too start drawing the pay of Maj Gen in 19 yrs of service and that of Lt Gen in 32 yrs of service.

9.     What can you do  : Don’t accept ‘ fait accompli’, Spread awareness, as knowledge is power. Apprise more and more offrs about this discrimination. Raise it in appropriate forums to escalate its level and let the top brass take it up as seriously as PB-4 issue with the govt for IT IS, AS SERIOUS AN ISSUE. It not only affects pay, it also affects status. So please do your bit, at least ask for it from your seniors. If you have anything more to add to this mail, which is relevant and factually correct, please go ahead and add on for the benefit of all, and circulate this in your yahoo/google/any other groups of various courses/ batches on the internet.    


  1. Armed forces officers- INDIAN MILITARY SERVICE officers should have automatically/naturally got it at same time.Present position and delay ,simply NOT ACCEPTABLE. ARMED FORCES cannot remain silent spectators or passive. They have to force and take/derive ,like all those other GP A officers organised services have got/taken. We are very much CL-1 officers and above GP A,both in terms of svc/terms of svc/conditions of svc by cent govt RULES AND REGNS; and historically,since Independence.
    There has been unacceptable delay. We cannot wait for 7 CPC to correct it.
    TOO SERIOUS AN ISSUE TO WAIT THAT LONG.Obviously the Q arises What are those at top doing.?????How did this go on.
    Are we not org ???? If that is the criteria or requirement - go head with such requirement of org.

  2. Further more ;I f ,there is further delay,in implementing NFU in AF,Let GP A org ser and IAS/IPS ...etc manage AF with those boots and PITTU on their backs and doing BPET,PPT ,ROUTE MARCHES in deserts,snow mountains ,,jungles.
    I for one would opt to do their job with half their salary.-
    open offer.
    take it or introduce NFU in AF forth with. Further , or,I would not want to render even a day more svc with that disparity and denial.NO bondage beyond constitutional provisions and guarantees .That is very reasonable.Any better offer/proposition is WELCOME.

  3. All officers belonging to Govt.(state or central) whose name are published in the Gazette of India are called "Gazetted Officers".

    Gazetted officer(rajpatrit adhikari) have special privileges and powers.The term Gazetted is a status symbol and makes them recognizable all over India.

    All Group A regular cadre officers and also some Imp post at Group B of State and central Govt(like ACP's Of DANICs,Assistant Administrative officers,Asst. Directors come in Group B). are Gazetted.

    Note: Officers of Autonomous organizations,Contractual Staff employed in Govt.,PSU,Bank did not enjoy Gazetted status hence are not Gazetted

    All Gazetted officers have rights to attest certificates

    Some of the Gazetted posts are as below

    Defence Services Officers

    Assistant Commissioner of police(ACP)
    All central services officers
    Scientists of DRDO,CSIR,NPL etc
    Doctors of Govt hospitals
    Assistant Programmer,IT CADRE Delhi Govt.
    Assistant Director
    Assistant Engineer
    Librarians of Govt

    1. You have mentioned scientists of DRDO who also have been kept out of the NFU whereas the babus have merrily taken the benefit

  4. Sir very educative and enlightening. I have put up my feedback during your your interaction.

  5. Dear Sir,
    During suggestion for 6th pay commssion I had submitted that all three defence services IndianArmy, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy should be rechristineed as IDS and our bosses should pressurise the Govt of India to include IDS in the All Indian Service Act Applicable to IAS,IPS and Indian Forest Service.
    IAS,IPS and IFS though under All Indian Service ACt are cadre based service of state but go on natioanl deputaion. However in practicality indian Armed forces are true All Indian Service serving all over the country and not restricted to any state cadre.
    Inclusion of Armed Forces as Indian Defece Service in All Indian Service Act would automaticaly bring us at par with IAS and IPS and there wont be any issue like NFU etc which we need to fight.
    More over MOD treats the defence officers as if we belong to enemy nations. The rules of Govt of Indian appalicable to MOD services like IDAS,IOAS,IDES are different, they get NFU but no us. There for this is against the spirit of Article 14 and 16 of Constitution of India.
    I hope our chiefs convince Govt ... If they can stop worrying about future. and do some thing for masses.....

  6. Sir,
    The NFU to Organized Service is an eyewash. For grant of NFU under MACPS, total years of service i group A is considered but for NFU under Pay parity, the residency period is considered. If stagnation is acute in JTS and STS level then to reach even SAG with NFU would be difficult in Organized Service. Tough I belong to one of the oldest organized service even after putting 27 years of Group A service still iam languishing in JAG grade.

  7. Dear Sir,
    I have not seen any representation from Defence regarding early implementation of NFU for the cadre. I am sure, if the Armd Forces accept it for one decade ( till seventh pay commission ) they will have to accept it through out. The voice needs to be LOUD and CLEAR for justice.


  8. Dear Sir,

    It is already high time for our community to react in a much sharper way. The answer to the question `Why not AF Officers' i.e.` they are not part of Org Gp A Services' is very ridiculous one.

    Apart from pay and perks, the `status' in the environment is more important. As the issue of functional problems as mentioned in para 7(c) is going to be more critical in the future.

  9. i fail to understand why top brass of indian armed forces is quite on the issue.....may be bcoz they are not affected......and enjoying all the privileges all around the country.........is it what u call leadership....its high time that all three sevices chiefs must take a strong stand on implementation of nfu..... their fellow men look up to them for their right.......if such disparity continues... it may lead to mutiny in indian armed forces akin to pak army and history will be created....then these bureaucrats will not know where to hide their backside..... i request all offrs of armed forces to come together, unite and fight for the cause......ur integrity..loyalty and honesty deserves much more.... so ... wake up guys....saada haq..ithhee rakh

  10. Sir,
    No service is better than the other all are equal , promotions and pay should be same.disparity only creates voids and herartburns. I became a Lt col in 13 years of service and have stagnated for next 21 years till I retire.75% of the Indian Army is superseded ,stagnated and have no promotions or pay increase.Even a Sectin officer,Insp etc can overtake me.This diparity will cost the nation one day.NFU and complete parity is ...............an immediate need.


  12. God SAve this Nation

  13. All Army officers may kindly be informed that BSF,CRPF,ITBP and other CAPFs Group A Officers services are the only one among all govt organistions who are not granted organised Status and hence not getting any NFU. Kindly don't propogate false information in the media.These officers are even not granted any Time Scale promotion as granted in defence forces and other organised services. BSF is the worst hit by stagnation. We have 188 Dy commandants (Major in Army)who have completed 17-18 years of service and didn't get any promotion since 2004. And even they don't have any ray of hope for another 6 years.All CAPF Officers have filed a case in DELHI HIGH COURT FOR NFU ONLY.

  14. Yes, now we have got our dues in a peaceful and legal manner. Can see the petition W.P(C) 4932/2012 & CM No. 18436/2014and the judgement of Hon'ble High Court of Delhi W.P. (C) No. 153/2013, titled G.J. Singh & Ors. vs. Union of India & Ors.