Thursday, July 4, 2013

Indian govt does not care for its armed forces: Col (retd) Anil Kaul

As politicians spar, some like Narendra Modi making astounding claims to have rescued 15000 Gujaratis in two days, the Armed Forces are at it on a war footing. Just yesterday, the IAF set a new record for air evacuation by flying 330 sorties and rescuing more than 4500 people. But do the forces get their due? 

Col (retd) Anil Kaul, author of 'Better Dead Than Disabled' joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on the matter.

Q. With so much of corruption in politics and bureaucracy do you think it is worth dying for this country. Does it not mean giving more security to politicians and others so that they can loot more. Asked by: Rakesh Katyal

A. It is a perspective as one sees it. Once you have joined the profession of arms, dying is part of the deal. No great shakes. It is the feeling of certainity about the people you leave behind being adequately looked after, that needs to be assuaged completely, and that is where We as a Nation fail. As regards the second part of the question, we need to set things right and very quickly before we too are label a "failed state" Notwithstanding the rhetoric of the politicians.

Q. Why is that there is no coordination between Govt and the armed forces during rescue operation? Asked by: Sri Kumar

A. The Armed Forces are task oriented and will comply with any task given to them through their, leadership, organization, ethos, training & discipline. On the other hand our civilian agencies read Govt, Lack all of the above, hence the mis-match.

Q. Do the forces get their due? Asked by: Anuj

A. No, Here are some statistics 1. OROP hanging fire for 30+ years. 2. 2000 AFT cases decided against the Govt not actioned on. 3. War Widows not given their dues. 4. The only govt that fights cases in court against its own def forces.

Q. States are ready to pay millions to a member of the team if they win a cricket match But they are reluctant to take care of the person who die for their nation whether its armed forces or para military forces. Asked by: Prathap

A. Sad but true. yesterday crash victim NOK will get 15 L, Mr Dhoni and company 1 Cr each. Travesty of justice indeed.

Q. Do Indian govt care for its forces? Asked by: Vikas

A. No emphatically no. Otherwise why should ESM take to demonstrations?

Q. Narendra Modi ballon will burst since he is always creating air that everything happens because of him. What is your opinion sir. Asked by: Deepak Desai

A. Mr Narendra Modi is a politician with a purpose and aim. In all fairness he must be given a chance to prove his credentials at the National level now that he has done so in Gujarat.

Q. When I see the General VK Singh was treated I felt sad for such a forthright general who put his country first. Asked by: Prathap

A. There is certain class of Indians who will not let us right ourselves because it does not suit them. Gen VK Singh was a victim of such a class though in his case it existed also within the Army.

Q. People of country & particular media propaganding that all institutions are useless in India. People shall come out from that & salute all Govt. institution along with some critique. Understand that what would happen if arm force, police force and local body worker go on strike at time cost them? Your comment sir. Asked by: Deepak Desai

A. I personally am of the opinion that in India there are too many free loaders. If each one just worked his own little way with National pride we would be rid of all the malaise that affect us. I feel too much of democracy has been our bane. It should be to a point beyond which in matters of National importance there should be a Non -negotiable approach.

Q. Sir, govt cant give some special bonus or some reward for over brave jawans who are in Uttarakhand. Asked by: akbar huusain k

A. The jawans, officers & others are doing their duty. PERIOD. Individual acts of courage & dedicated service will be rewarded in due course. Units doing well will get unit citations. However I have a larger issue. For a topic like this to get only 8 questions shows the indifference of the citizens of this country towards the armed forces. Why blame the politicians.

Q. Why have we been a nation who's reactive than being proactive? We have faced such uneventful scenarios but we haven't learned to deal effectively? What steps can we take for better crisis management? Asked by: Nisha

A. Chalta Hai attitude. and in a country of 1.3 bn the cost of lives lost is of no value.

Q. Do you believe that presence of politicians in the affected area hamper the rescue work? and as well as main objective is somehow diverted? Asked by: Debojyoti

A. Absolutely. Unless they get off their choppers, join the rescuers, carry loads, serve food, accept the danger to those they command they are in my opinion parasites. Look at the PM of Australia carrying survivors luggage during the floods. Will MMS ever come down to GZ and do it. A LOUD NEVER.

Q. Do you think the visits of High Profile Politicians will create hindrance in rescue operations? Asked by: Chandru

A. Yes please see my answer to a similar question earlier in the chat. Unless the participate in the rescue physically themselves w/o their chamchas hanging around they might as well stay where they are.

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