Thursday, October 8, 2015

Pray for those who ensure your freedom to Live and Talk

Yesterday four of Army soldiers laid down their lives for this thankless nation. There is hardly any word of concern from the government and the Media. To remember these soldier's supreme sacrifice today, is not really politically and financially beneficial to them. They had all the time in the world to cover Indrani Mukerjee case, what a sad state of affairs. A shame to you Indian Media!
Nonetheless, we request the citizens of this country to pray for their soul to rest in peace, and also pray that their aged parents, wife,  young children and dependent brothers & sisters gather enough courage to live without them.

We, the men in Uniform and their brothers in arms salute Brave Hearts and remember them in our prayers. Brave Hearts don't need support of presstitutes. They reside in our hearts and we salute them.


  1. Pray to almighty to rest the souls of brave hearts who lost their lives fighting for the nation. Presently Govt and madia are busy In poll bound Bihar which is more important to them.

  2. Really Lalit Sir you are great. I salute you.And my salute to all three brave soldiers. Shame to indian media . Bijayakumar jena