Saturday, October 23, 2010

Divine Messages - I

Divine Messages - I

The law of prosperity cannot be manipulated

by man for his own selfish advantage.

Unless you include the welfare

of others in your prosperity

you will never be ideally prosperous.

Be motivated by how your actions

and plans can be of benefit to others.

(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

The education of women should

always be relative to men,

to please, to be useful to us,

to make us love and esteem them,

to educate us when young,

and to take care of us

when grown up,

to advise, to console us,

to render our lives easy

and agreeable;

these are the duties of women

at all times, and what they should

be taught in their infancy.

(Mary Wollstonecraft)

He who governed the world

Before I was born

shall take care of it

likewise when I am dead.

My part is to improve the

present moment.

(John Wesley)

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