Sunday, October 24, 2010

India of My Dreams, Some Aspirations

Col LK Anand Retd

This is a very important matter, which is an invitation to all the patriotic and dedicated citizens of the country to participate and contribute in a thought process so essential for improving upon the pathetic condition of India which has been continuously deteriorating ever since we attained independence. I am sure our readers' sincere views on various points would influence the masses and people who matter, to bring about the desired changes for the better.

I love India and want it to be the best in the world in all spheres of life. It has the talent and capability to reach the top. However, I am extremely disheartened to see its deteriorating state of affairs constantly over the past six decades. I attribute India's present day state of affairs to extremely low quality, ineffective and short sighted political leadership besides lazy, highly irresponsible, incapable, corrupt and self serving bureaucracy. The judiciary also leaves much to be desired and does not function on the dictum of "Justice delayed is Justice denied" and is far too lethargic and incapable of acting swiftly to meet the needs of Justice. I feel the need for a drastic revolution to change the picture of my India so that it could become India not only of my dreams but of every Indian's dreams.

1. India of my dreams would be totally a free country and every citizen will have the liberty and freedom to go to any corner and place of the country and do whatever he wishes to do including to work and earn his livelihood.

2. Every citizen will have equal opportunity to do any nature or type of work without any restrictions on his cast, creed, religion or economic status.

3. The constitution and law of the land would be supreme in every respect and no other law including any personnel laws would take precedence over it, irrespective of any cast creed or religion.

4. There would be one common National language besides English to be compulsorily introduced and taught in all regions and states of the country for use in Central Government offices/Inter State communications.

5. India of my dreams will have abundance of every type of essential Infrastructural facilities like Electricity, Roads, Railways, Water, Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment so that no regions of the country suffer for lack of any of these.

6. Every citizen would be disciplined and abide by the rule of law and will not infringe upon the liberty and equal rights of his fellow citizens. The centre would sincerely adopt all possible measures to put an end to cross border terrorism and all types of terrorist acts and actvities within the Indian territory.

7. India of my dreams would be abundant in food, clothing, housing and medical facilities available in all parts of the country at affordable prices, so that no citizen has to struggle for these under any circumstances.

8. Every citizen would be able to get timely justice which would be available to him within easy reach either free or at the most affordable price.

9. All criminals will be dealt with in a speedy manner and punished according to the law of the land. Delay in administration of justice will make the responsible liable for punitive action.

10. There would be equal opportunity for one and all for all types of educational establishments at pre nursery, nursery, middle school, higher secondary school, educational and professional college and up to postgraduate professional institute level and which would be available in abundance, will be of high standards and within affordable prices.

11. All types of medical and specialised treatment and facilities will be most promptly and easily available to all classes of population within easy reach and at most affordable prices.

12. Armed Forces of India would enjoy a special and unique status and will not be subservient to any other service in the country and would only be responsible to the political leadership for military, operational, logistical, administrative and Welfare matters.

13. There will be complete cleanliness and orderliness at all times in every part of each and every street, complex, colony and city of the country.

14. The quality and functioning of the public transportation system such as Air, Rail, Road and Marine would be top class, timely, abundant and at affordable prices.

15. There would be a simple and streamlined system of taxation, if at all it is necessary, so that there is no scope for promoting black money economy and siphoning of Indian wealth out of the country.

16. All types of road facilities in and around the villages and cities would be of top quality, orderly with sufficient parking facilities all over and free from encroachments and nuisances of any nature. These would enable all the citizens to observe traffic rules in a most disciplined manner to avoid inconvenience to fellow citizens.

17. There would be a concerted drive to rehabilitate all the poor and slum dwellers of the cities, by building suitable multi-storeyed buildings and removing all types of encroachments for creating ample spaces for improvement and development of roads and infrastructure.

18. There would be abundance of neat, clean, well maintained, and high quality public convenience systems at selected places in each city for the convenience of the citizens.

19. All the public servants and officials would be totally accountable to the public and the public offices and services would be totally dedicated to the citizens needs and conveniences and would function without any sort of corrupt practices.

20. Equal opportunities, facilities and importance would be given to all types of games and sports and the talent in sports would be hunted equitably from all the regions of the country for bringing them up to international levels.

Col LK Anand (Retd)

Published in Free Press Indore Edition on Sunday, August 29, 2010

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