Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Divine Messages -IV

You must not get discouraged
When you see something
happeningthat is contrary
to what you have affirmed.
Develop your will power
and positive thinking,
and you willfind your body,
mind, and soulworking
to mould every-thing in your life
according to your will.

(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

Every wrong action
goes against one’s own well-being.
It fails to give the peace

and happiness expected.
Sometimes it seems difficult

to be good,while it is easy
to be bad; and that to give up
the bad things
is to miss something.
Avoid those things
that will ultimately hurt you,
choose those that will give you
freedom and happiness.
Cultivate the right conduct
and good habits
that lead to freedom.

(Sri Paramahansa Yogananda)

There are countless waves
rolling in the vast ocean.
Each wave is distinguished
from the other and
each wave can be
perceived separately,

one by one.
But all are water only,
and are not separate
from the great ocean.
This illustrates that all
the innumerable beings
that appear in this universe,
though apparently they are
perceived to be separate
from one another,
are in reality that one Ocean
of Almighty and
are all identical with it.

(Swani Sivananda)

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