Thursday, November 11, 2010

Freedom of Indians

1. Freedom to Starve vs Freedom to let million tons of food grain ROT

2. Freedom to live in Slums 55-60% populations vs "Freedom" to live in the Towering Scams - Adarsh.

3. Freedom to Loot LAKHS of Crores - 2 G Telecom & CWG Scams WITHOUT ACCOUNTABILITY vs Freedom to Deny EQUITY & JUSTICE - unable to pay Correct Pensions to the Veteran Faujis.

4. FREEDOM TO KILL : Protesters - Victims of MAL Governance - price rise, usurping land of the poor; by calling them INSURGENTS. Promote Seperatists, Escapists - those trying to immigrate without Legal papers

This is the FREEDOM in the Largest HYPOCRISY of the World which MASQUERADES as the Largest Democracy.

5. FREEDOM of the Media, zealously & jealously guarded : to spew out un - Verified & inaccurate "stories", as if REPORTING FACTS & call it NEWS.

Last night sins returned to roost : Fed-up of the Chanel "managers - Anchors" interruptions, the Guests - interviewees; pressed on with their SAY, unheeding the Anchors' Shrill, butt butts & no nos.

Till the Ludicrous stage was reached when nothing said on TV could be discerned.

In-credible Media ! NEWS turned into a comedy.

Take Media seriously at your Own PERIL ! ! !

Thanks for your time.
Best Wishes.
Parvez Jamasji

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