Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jabalpur - A Pictorial Tour

Jai Shri Hanuman Ji

A Gigantic Shiv-Ling before Jabalpur

A Distant View of Narbada River

A Well Planned Colony Garden

A Budhist Temple

Another Temple

A View of Cable Way at Bherha Ghat

Typical Rock Formation at Bherha Ghat

Aerial Cable Way

A Channel at Bherha Ghat at Dusk

Water Spread at Bherha Ghat

Return Cable Way Station

Another View of Water Channels

Glory of Water Channels from Cable Way

A Distant View of Bherha Ghat

Market at Bherha Ghat

Boat ride to Marble Rocks in Setting Sun

The Marble Rocks at Dusk

A temple atop a Rock

A Typical Rock Jutting out from Water

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