Saturday, November 27, 2010

Swamy's explosive letter to PM

25/11/2010 15:18:05
November 24, 2010.
Dr. Manmohan Singh,
Prime Minister of India,
South Block,
New Delhi.

Dear Prime Minister:
You may by now have realized that the 2G Spectrum scandal is not only bad for the country in the dimension of corruption, but now it emerges that there is a national security dimension too. The RAW, IB, CBI, ED all have enough material which they may have placed before you regarding the dubious aspects of the principal player in this scam.
According to my information two sisters, Anushka and Nadia, of Ms Sonia Gandhi had received sixty percent of the kickbacks in this deal i.e. Rs.18,000 crores each. The frequent travel of Sonia Gandhi and her immediate family to Malaysia, Hongkong, Dubai and parts of Europe including London requires to be probed under the law. What requires your special attention is the mode of the travel, not by commercial airliners, but by jets provided by the corporate sector which itself is illegal under the DGCA Rules. I find that often Ms. Sonia Gandhi and family have traveled to Dubai and then traveled onwards on private jets provided by dubious Arab business interests to Europe. It is not clear on what passport they have traveled. In Dubai they were felicitated by agencies of countries which are hostile to India including that of Pakistan.
You can no more not take a stand when evil is permeating in the country in the form of terrorism, religious conversion and demographic infiltration. The ill-gotten money in billions of dollars equivalent, the money laundering and Participatory Notes have all undermined our national integrity. The time is come for you to take a stand.
I am familiar with the information and data with our intelligent agencies. I also know that you can seek cooperation of other countries especially the United States in pooling information especially from inter Intelligence interaction that take place regularly. I hope therefore you will rise to the need of the hour and take effective steps to set right the sorry state of affairs in the country caused by overtly and covertly resident foreigners. In this connection I would like to meet you at the earliest. My Secretary will be in touch with your Secretariat to fix a time.
Yours sincerely,
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  1. I have re, Re; & reiterated over the YEARS.
    There is ABSOLUTELY NO NEED for ANY enemy to take on the headache of doing "India in".

    An "INSIDER JOB" IS MORE efficient & capable to achieve MORE THAN ALL ENEMIES PUT TOGETHER !

    What is the sense in SS writing to the comatose DODO, most probably the ONLY action in his case, as per track record; is to ask "His Master's Voice" what to do.

    Remember the "Foreign Hand" during Morarji Desai's regime, turned out to be indigenous !
    like our HAL, NAL; DRDO etc

    WE are Olympians when it comes to Wheeling & Dealing with Wheels within Wheels !

    In Lighter vain : Media > all chattering & blabbering at the same time, comedy Chanels with Breaking News; over the week end, . . . . till next week or till the next LOOT, which ever is earlier ?

    To recover some of Tax payers money, our CWG champ could be EXPORTED to the Greek mountain top as an offering to Olympia ? ? ?

    Parvez Jamasji