Thursday, November 4, 2010


Another eye opener as to why Gujarat is leading India, inspite of venom being spewed by super idiots called secualrists and a CURSE of India - The Congress party!......................S.Iyer

Not a single news channel telecast this & not a single newspaper is interested in publishing this news. No media Coverage…...nothing for such an achievement from one of the leading Indian States.

It is a proud moment for any country that one of its State got the United Nation's prize for improving transparency, Accountability & responsiveness. Even last year also, Government of Gujarat got first prize for drinking water supply programme and user level water quality. Media is only interested in telecasting news of encounter of gangster Soharabuddin. The facts given below will throw light on the mindset of the secularists, union government and the media - they have ignored national pride and concentrated more on harassment of an elected government.
The overwhelming victory of BJP in the latest Municipal elections has proved this again that the voters of Gujarat are intelligent and mature enough to show doors to a vindictive party and the media. A certificate to this effect is hanging in the office of Gujarat Chief Minister Shri Narendra Modi.

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