Saturday, December 18, 2010

Former Army Chief Kapoor Returns Flat

NEW DELHI: Former Army chief Gen Deepak Kapoor, one of the three ex-service chiefs who were allotted flats in controversial Adarsh Housing Society in Mumbai, on Sunday said the episode has caused "great anguish" to him and that he has sought termination of his membership.
Breaking his silence after the controversy broke out, he also said the former service chiefs had no idea that the flats were meant for Kargil war widows and that he was not involved in any kind of "nepotism".
Gen Kapoor told NDTV he has written to the society yesterday that "irrespective of whatever (happens), I'd like my membership of the society to be terminated and my allotment for the flat be cancelled."
"Two days back Admiral Madhavendra, an ex-Naval chief, had made a statement on behalf of all three of us that this controversy which is being talked about in the media for the last few days has been a source of tremendous distress and anguish for all three of us," he said.
"We were not aware at any stage that the flats were meant for Kargil war widows. If this is true, this is yet to be confirmed, as has come out in the media so far...but if this is true, we have said that we will be prepared to surrender the flats," he said.
He said he has worked throughout for the well being of Army troops. "There is no question of any nepotism as far as I am concerned. I have never been in the chair whenever any of these allocations etc have been made." He said has worked for improvement of habitat conditions of armymen in the forward areas, better rations for the troops as well as better pay and allowances for them. — PTI

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  1. Dear Friends,

    The statements of the former Chiefs must be accepted with a pinch of salt. It is beyond any body's comprehension that the serving Defence chiefs were not aware of the fact that these flats were actually conceived for the benefit of the Kargil war widows and Heroes.

    It is also beyond my imagination and understanding that the authorities would not have informed the services chiefs the purpose for which this building was planned, since it was directly related to the welfare of war heroes which is a rehabilitation matter connected with defence.

    Also the local formation commanders would not have informed the service chiefs either through proper channel or directly, if for nothing else except to make their own "Naukaries", is unbelievable. The chiefs should actually have been lobbying to ensure that these flats only remained in the hands of defence authorities for the welfare of present or even future war heroes, rather than being alloted to all and sundry, including themselves.

    It would be good if all skeletons do emerge from the almirahs in this case.


    Col LK Anand Retd