Friday, December 17, 2010

Gp.Capt Tendulkar- A Joke

Some of the veterans may disagree with what I have to say on the episode of rank inapporopriateness
by the serving Air Force officers but I am compelled to state my views.
Sachin Tendulkar being conferred with the rank of Group Captain, though honorary, by the IAF is an example of how serving (high ranking) officers try to focus limelight on themselves through cheap publicity stunts. Any serviceman, whether a commissioned officeror NCO will bear out the fact that entry into the service is earned through a tough selection process and after that ranks and promotionsare obtained through merit, hardworkand dedication to the service. What criteria did the IAF consider while Tendulkar was made a Group Captain? I have all respect and admiration for Sachin for his excellence, achievement and dedication in the field of cricket, but I say that he has not done anything for the cause of any of the defence services or nation to deserve this honour from one of the defence forces. He could be conferred with any of the civil awards like Arjuna award for sports but not a military honour.
To cap it all, the Air Force has gone head over heels to please the aam (cricket mad) janata by promising to give him the "Wing" simply after one sortie in a Sukhoi aircraft as a passenger! As an engineer, I have flown as a passenger in a fighter aircraft but that did not make me eligible to get a wing. Some of the engineers do get their "official" wings but only after being selected for the "pilots course" and earning it after undergoing the regular necessary pilots training course like other aspirants for the "F" branch.Many of my "F" branch friends
will aver thata wing has to be earned -many aspirants are denied this if they fail to meet the crucial flying proficiency tests- and cannot just be bought cheaply in a camp tailor shop and pinned on to the chest.
And another thing. Those who have seen the photograph of the Air Force Chief with Sachin Tendulkar in
the Times of India (Mumbai edition, 04 Sep, 2010 in the section "Times Nation") saluting him after getting his tapes,will notice that the chief is returning the salute without (R) without his cap ON !!! A good example of service etiquette to be publicly displayed before the service personnel under himl! I had never seen that so far.
Sorrowfully, this is one of the many instances of why and how the prestige of the Armed Forces is lowered. Why blame only the Babus if we ourselves do not want to hold it high?

Wg Cdr Shashank Bendre (Retd)



    Brig JK Nangpal
    My Dear Nagi,

    I am totally in agreement with the views expressed by Shashank Bendre. I also feel that the Air Chief appearing without a head gear in a National daily perhaps not noticeable by the public at large, is an act prejudicial to good order and ......, by such a high ranking defence official and can certainly not be appreciated or relished by the defence fraternity.

    Are we to believe that such would be the standards of our defence forces in the future, which may appear to abide by the prevailing all round deteriorating standards in the country.

    Col LK Anand Retd

    On Sun, 05 Sep 2010 15:42:00 +0530 wrote

  2. I just want to say whether Indian Team will give honorary player rank to CAS and allow him to bat or bowl or even field. Wings are attained after a rigorous physical and life-endagering flying training but he got it by making lots of money. Of which he has not even donated 5% to the institution honouring him with rank.

    Praviin Kumar, Mil Historian

  3. My dear Praveen,

    Seeing what is happening in India these days, any thing undesirable, illegal or unlawful is possible, which may be well supported by the impotent Government machinery.

    I am sure the BCCI for some chips and publicity may do as you felt and allow the CAS to come out to bat in some international or IPL match, which would be a headline the next day. They may also offer some token match fee to him, which presumably he would not accept being in uniform.

    Good luck and cheers

    Col LK Anand Retd