Friday, December 17, 2010

Jointmanship & One Up Manship

Dear Friends,
Is it not futile to have any discussion or arguements on the above topic. Why should we unnecessarily break our heads on what COAS did and what CNS did not do or what they should both have done together. After all where is it going to land us all, and what problems is this argument going to solve for the ESM, except cause some undue heart burning amongst ourselves. So let us put an end to the discussion on this Jointmanship affair and close this topic once and for all.
We can all be rest assured, that these serving Chiefs ARE NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING FOR THE ESM, AS LONG AS THEY ARE IN SERVICE, AS THEY ARE UNABLE TO YET FEEL FOR US, as has been the practice so far.

Col LK Anand Retd

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  1. I Sqn ldr (red) Bidyut Chatterjee posted a comment under Google profile, but it has not sppeared in your coloumns