Friday, December 3, 2010

Population Management, Accountability and Identification

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  1. Dear Sir,

    India ranks second in the world after China with respect to its population. It has increased over four folds after Independence and still the rate in increase is very high. There has been little or no control in the aspect of restricting the population to some reasonable figures.

    In the 1970s ie during the emergency period, Mr Sanjay Gandhi the dynamic son of Indira Gandhi did take some drastic measures, though unpopular with general public, to control the population of India. It brought about some effective results but were short lived and were abandoned as soon as the Emergency was revoked.

    Thereafter, there has been no looking back and the population touched 100 crores mark nearly four years back. The Muslims have been even more active in the overall improvement in the percentage of their population, and the way it is progressing, with the active support and vote bank policy of the ruling Congress party, it wont be long that they become a majority instead of Minority on the basis of which they are already enjoying numerous benefts.

    Exhorbitant increase in the overall population figures of India would prove a disadvantage in the long run and there would be shortage of all commodities with resultant and unconntrollable increse in prices or "Mehangayee". There is thus a need for serious thinking to evolve a long term policy on population control, so that the increase in population does not overtake the overall increase in growth and production rate of other Sectors.

    God Bless

    Col LK Anand Retd