Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Aamir Takes a dig at Salman in Dhobi Ghat

Agreed, Aamir Khan hit headlines with the song Pappu can't dance saala in his film Jaane Tu... Ya Jaane Na; it was very clear that Aamir was taking a dig at his close friend Salman Khan in that song.
Even in his film Peepli Live, Aamir made one of the actors wear Salman Khan's trademark bracelet. But despite all this, Aamir's love for Salman is well known in the industry they are the best of friends.
And now, Aamir will take a dig at Sallu for the third time in his wife Kiran Rao's film Dhobi Ghat. Aamir has made Pratik's character in the film a Salman Khan fan.
Our source said, "Aamir Khan loves Salman as a friend and his films are a proof of that. Many of Aamir's films have some element of Salman Khan in them. And now, Pratik's character in Dhobi Ghat is shown to be a Salman Khan fan. Pratik is seen wearing the famous Salman Khan bracelet.
He loves working out to build a body like Salman's and he wants to become an actor like him. Aamir insisted that the character be Salman's fan probably to make up for having mocked him in Jaane Tu... in the Pappu can't dance saala song. So, Aamir suggested to Kiran that the posters of the film should also highlight this so it looks authentic on Pratik's character."
When contacted, Kiran Rao laughed and said, "Yes, Aamir suggested Salman. Pratik's character hails from a different city and is a part-time dhobi and a wannabe actor. He is into body-building and thinks Salman is a cool dude."

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