Friday, January 21, 2011

Best One-Liner

For the first time in the history of mankind ‘Need’, ‘Comfort’ and ‘Luxury’ are sold at the same price in India!
Onions : Rs.65 per Kg,
Petrol Rs.65 per litre &
Beer Rs.65 per bottle

Sent by Rajagopal H

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  1. Takke ser Bhaji aur Takke ser Khaja was the saying in pre Independence India > bhaji & khaja were at the same price, for a Takka; in andher nagri ruled by CHAUPAT rajahs.

    Has India of 2011 changed much?

    The Chauput rajahs WILL undo in 60 years what the British did in 150 years. Divide India into their fiefdoms...& call it PROGRESS.

    Lavasa is a state within a state to keep every one who is NOT on page 3, OUT.

    Many such enclaves will come up, APARTHEID Indian ishtaile!

    EVERYTHING in India is on War footing, butttt,;,; it gets done only when Chauput rajahs; from suntry to muntree are suitably greased.

    We have reduced India into a ""modern, Gleaming""; andher nagri of 2011, by our ""Governance""!

    Where the SC is forced to lament "even god can't help India" wah WAH !

    A couple of rajahs have been recalled due to their bashing up or molesting people on airliners or in Indian Embassies abroad.
    One would have learnt more in a British jail than at MEA.

    2010, Super examples of rajah's Prowess : CWG,
    2G; & Land allotment to kith & kin; rajah's ghotalas.

    2011 India's progress to be Brilliant : evidence after all the "Raids, Nabbing & Grilling" is thrown out by Courts, as not fit for conviction. or cant be disclosed, > Swiss bank ghotala.

    As usual the Aam Aadmi suffers when in India or out, he will singled out as Taliban, one terrorist with killing on his mind the other with Ghotala in mind.

    Parvez Jamasji