Friday, January 21, 2011

CBI Vs Command Hospital, Pune

From the media reports it is seen that a mountain has been made out of a mole hill when a complaint has been lodged by a black listed medicine vendor probably for the sake of sensationalism and also to involve the Indian army in the so called corruption case.
From the sequence of events and corroborated facts it appears that this medicine supplier is a disgruntled person with the authorities of Command Hospital, Pune. If the black listed vendor was adversely or unjustly affected by any action of the hospital authority, in all earnestness and while honoring the sentiments of our National army, he should have approached the higher military authorities including the ‘Major General Medicals’ at the Southern Command. The fact that he has decided to malign the Command Hospital authorities through the CBI merely shows that he has side lined the internal checks and balances available to him in the normal course. Further the charitable supply of a ‘window type air conditioner’ sum Otto, to provide comfort to his fellow vendors at a government building, and later on interpreting it as an act of corruption simply shows that his hands are not clean. The motive for making such a complaint with the CBI may be to settle scores with the hospital administration for black listing his firm for its unfair trade practices. If the CBI is keen to define the installation of this air conditioner in a government building, as an act of corruption, they should have first proceeded against bribe giver who is an accomplice. Instead, the investigating agency opted for sensationalism and maligning an organization like the Army which has greater ramifications affecting its work culture. Unfortunately the Sub Area Commander who addressed the media, could not logically present a credible explanation in this case.
Under the given circumstances a common man is forced to believe that the CBI’s hyper action in the Command Hospital is a staged dance to the tune of some unknown controlling hands with a view to side track big scams like 2G spectrum, Adarsh society and Commonwealth games. This may also be an effort to put out a show off ‘efficiency and honesty’ on the part of CBI who is other wise overtly soft on Rajas, Kalmadis, Chavans and particularly the people involved in mining mafia. Alas, such sorry state of affairs among various government departments simply shows out lack of coordination and the absence of a defined work culture. It is again proved that any person with vested interest can take the system for a ride.

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