Sunday, January 2, 2011

The saddest story of the century

I would like to sum up our performance in the 20th century in one sentence. Indians have succeeded in countries ruled by whites, but failed in their own.
This outcome would have astonished leaders of our independence movement. They declared Indians were kept down by white rule and could flourish only  under self-rule. This seemed self-evident The harsh reality today is that Indians are succeeding brilliantly in countries ruled by whites, but failing in India . They are flourishing in the USA and Britain .
But those that stay in India are pulled down by an outrageous system that fails to reward merit or talent. Fails to allow people and businesses to grow, and keeps real power with netas, babus, and assorted manipulators. Once Indians go to white-ruled countries, they soar and conquer summits once occupied only by whites.
Rono Dutta has become head of United Airlines, the biggest airline in the world. Had he stayed in India, he would have no chance in Indian Airlines. Even if the top job there was given to him by some godfather, a myriad netas, babus and trade unionists would have ensured that he could never run it like United Airlines.
Rana Talwar has become head of Standard Chartered Bank, one of the biggest multinational banks in Britain , while still in his 40s. Had he been in India, he would perhaps be a local manager in the State Bank, taking orders from babus to give loans to politically favoured clients.
Rajat Gupta is head of Mckinsey, the biggest management consultancy firm in the world. He now advises the biggest multinationals on how to run their business. Had he remained in India he would probably be taking orders from some sethji with no qualification save that of being born in a rich family.
Lakhsmi Mittal has become the biggest steel baron in the world, with steel plants in the US, Kazakhstan, Germany, Mexico, Trinidad and Indonesia. India 's socialist policies reserved the domestic steel industry for the public sector. So Lakhsmi Mittal went to Indonesia to run his family's first steel plant there. Once freed from the shackles of India , he conquered the world.
Subhash Chandra of Zee TV has become a global media king, one of the few to beat Rupert Murdoch. He could never have risen had he been limited to India, which decreed a TV monopoly for Doordarshan. But technology came to his aid: satellite TV made it possible for him to target India from Hong Kong. Once he escaped Indian rules and soil, he soared.
You may not have heard of 48-year old Gururaj Deshpande. His communications company, Sycamore, is currently valued by the US stock market at over $ 30 billion, making him perhaps one of the richest Indians in the world. Had he remained in India, he would probably be a babu in the Department of Telecommunications.
Sabeer Bhatia invented Hotmail and sold it to Microsoft for $ 400 million. Victor Menezes is number two in Citibank. Shailesh Mehta is CEO of Providian, a top US financial services company. Also at or near the top are Rakesh Gangwal of US Air, Jamshed Wadia of Arthur Andersen, and Aman Mehta of Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corp.
In Washington DC , the Indian CEO High Tech Council has no less than 200 members, all high tech-chiefs. While Indians have soared, India has stagnated. At independence India was the most advanced of all colonies, with the best prospects.
Today with a GNP per head of $370, it occupies a lowly 177th position among 209 countries of the world. But poverty is by no means the only or main problem. India ranks near the bottom in the UNDP's Human Development Index,
but high up in Transparency International's Corruption Index.
The neta-babu raj brought in by socialist policies is only one reason for India 's failure. The more sordid reason is the rule-based society we inherited from the British Raj is today in tatters. Instead money, muscle and influence matter most.
At independence we were justly proud of our politicians. Today we regard them as scoundrels and criminals. They have created a jungle of laws in the holy name of socialism, and used these to line their pockets and create patronage networks. No influential crook suffers. The Mafia flourish unhindered because they have political links.
The sons of police officers believe they have a licence to rape and kill (ask the Mattoo family). Talent cannot take you far amidst such rank misgovernance. We are reverting to our ancient feudal system where no rules applied to the powerful. The British Raj brought in abstract concepts of justice for all, equality before the law. These were maintained in the early years of independence. But sixty years later, citizens wail that India is a lawless land where no rules are obeyed.
I have heard of an IAS probationer at the Mussorie training academy pointing out that in India before the British came, making money and distributing favours to relatives was not considered a perversion of power, it was the very rationale of power. A feudal official had a duty to enrich his family and caste. Then the British came and imposed a new ethical code on officials. But, he asked, why should we continue to choose British customs over desi ones now that we are independent?
The lack of transparent rules, properly enforced, is a major reason why talented Indians cannot rise in India . A second reason is the neta-babu raj, which remains intact despite supposed liberalisation. But once talented Indians go to rule-based societies in the west, they take off. In those societies all people play by the same rules, all have freedom to innovate without being strangled by regulations.
This, then, is why Indians succeed in countries ruled by whites, and fail in their own.

It is the saddest story of the century.


  1. Dear Sir,

    The pathetic conditions in Bhaarat are because our 'Great Leaders' accepted the Democracy as existent in Western countries and continued to work with the bureaucratic frame and the legal system established by our Foreign Rulers at the time of Transfer of Power in Bhaarat in 1947. That is why they continued to consider, that Bhaarateey people and traditions as well as thought processes are their enemies (like British did). The Great Leaders even in present Government are not thinking anything different and that is the damaging thing.

    We want our leaders and (or at least) bureaucrats Developed Individuals (नि:स्पृह) and not Highly educated in our (current) education system. This system produces only selfish, atheists and anti-Bhaarat adults which are the main trouble for Bhaarat. Our Education system has to be replaced with Gurukul System as was present till Dwapar Yug. Till we establish large Gurukuls the स्नातक passing out from the वेदपाठशाला that are functioning now can do the temporary job. Select bureaucrats from them. Read and ponder over my article "Education System for Bhaarat" enclosed along with. Circulate it to your friends also. I shall be grateful for your comments.

    Immediate task is for Rulers i.e. Government to stop damage to Bhaarateey persons as well as Bhaarateey Ethos and we have to put in our efforts (inspite of Leaders' opposition) for unity of Bhaarateey people (may they have different belief system than Hindus like Bhaarateey-Christians, Bhaarateey-Muslims, Communists etc). This we can achieve since these convertees have still in them a seed (however weak it might have become now because of brainwashings received from their foreign co-faithers) of Vedas. We have to nurture and grow the same for achieving the Unity. The method is available in my article (written in collaboration with Dr Leffler of USA in 2009). This article needs circulation amongst Bhaarateey people for their guidance. The larger the number following the method, earlier and faster will effect the reclaiming of their distorted consciousness for achieving our Unity. This article is also attached alongwith.

    With regards to all and Godspeed for our (desired) achievement/s.

    Mukund Apte

  2. What some one has to say about the pathetic state in India. Will things be better with the advent of 2011 ? \\\\\

    This Pathetic state will \ can ONLY change IF WE ALL are convinced, that it is NOT in ANY ONES interest to be corrupt. .

    The resistance to change comes from our "role models" in whose interest it IS, NOT to change.

    The Resistance to change IS the stuff for REVOLUTIONS.

    The PERPETRATORS ignore the Aam Aadmi, due to their Arrogance rooted in their false sense of INVINCIBILITY.

    i re Reiterate, this arrogance of neta-babus WILL lead them up to the Guillotine; Bastille, Indian Style.

    Most probably the blade WILL be dropped by those labelled ANTI NATIONALS..

    " Darkest before Dawn Clemens P Work, Dangerous Talk David Cressy, Bishop on the Rocks Rory Sweetman.

    Today's Book Review, Sunday Times of India.

    NOT to Forget the Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 & Marie Antoinette 1793 . . . . . .

    . . . . . Indians have succeeded in countries ruled by whites, but failed in their own. \\\\\\

    WHY is this so ?

    i) IS it because in a disciplined country they wont be allowed to "get away" with their lackadaisical ways ?

    ii) having settled in those countries, civic sense has rubbed off on them, accepting a disciplined way of their life

    Also consider why Indians are bashed up in countries, caring their way of life Baggage, there ? ? ?

    Not a recipe for success nor integration !


  3. My Dear Parvez,

    Well said and you are absolutely right in your views.

    The revolution has to come sooner than later. But will it come?

    History provides many instances but will history be repeated?

    The wave has to start somewhere. Who would be the initiators?

    Though large Nos are thinking on these lines, yet there are larger perpetrators thinking and acting otherwise. They have yo be hanged/guillotined.

    The laws are being weakened. The law enforcers are not touching law breakers. Lawlessness has become the order. will this trend change?

    Guillotine for guilty would be ideal and most appropriate, but who would get it operated and who would operate it?

    CJIs of the like of Balakrishnan perhaps are galore. More may follow.

    Our forces are too disciplined to take up any challenges. More Deepak Kapoors would be in the offing.

    Vetrans become stronger only after they get out of colour Services. Will they do it, the way they react?

    There may be more exodus of geniuses to white lands for better prospects. Babus wont allow them to prosper in this country.

    What more?


    Col LK Anand Retd

  4. India, evolving fast since Independance into NETA-BABU-DADA-BABA-JOLA-'KALA'SALA's
    ripoff of 1.2 billion docile, trusting nincompoops, by rascals in the above colors, making our motherland the laughing stock of the whole world!

    Mao once said with utter contempt: " If just a million Chinese line up on the Himalayas and pee simultaneously towards India, it will have to DROWN!"

    We must at least now, before it is too damn late, gird our loins and wage a War of Independance, akin to the French Revolution, to RID the sacred soil of our Motherland from our own scum: OUR DISGUSTING TRAITORS, OUR OWNNETA-BABU-DADA-BABA-JOLA-'KALA' SALAs, since 27 years manipulated by the Sicilian Mafia, with 20 years of dumb-ass Manmohan Singh as its Arth-Mantri puppet of World Bank, and later, as the pathetic, traitorous puppet Pradhan Mantri Mukhota of an Italian-Sicilian Mafiosi Dynasty!

    Shall we now focus on ACTION, for God's sake !!!!!!!!!!!???????

    P Sudarshan