Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Clear vision a must

If we dont have a vision or goal in place,then our life starts controlling us rather than we controlling and managing our life and we simply become drifters,says Dr Kapil Kakar
One's goals in life should correspond to the activities that one performs,both at work as well as at home.Many a time,we tend to work aimlessly without having a goal and a vision in place.A vision is about where you see yourself, your work and your family, and what you seek to accomplish respectively.Vision is something achievable in the long run. If we dont have a vision or goal in place, then our life starts controlling us rather than we controlling and managing our lives, and we simply become drifters.
Living without a long-term vision and a clear-cut goal is like living a life to which we have surrendered and become puppets of circumstances. This is like living in inertia and is as good as being dead so to say.
Your vision in life should be highly ambitious. It needs to be realistic from the short-term perspective but certainly can be improbable from the long-term perspective. Remember, if your vision is such that it does not stimulate you,or bring out the best in you, then it should be discarded and not pursued.
In order to pursue your ambition successfully, you should not have any backup plan in terms of an alternative ambition. The day one has a backup ambition, one has internally articulated that I may not be successful. This statement contains the word may which further breeds infinite ifs and buts which will undoubtedly confuse you. Thus, you need to have only one vision and that too an irreplaceable one.
Finally, till the time we dont accomplish our vision, we can stay unsatisfied but should not be dissatisfied. Lack of satisfaction is important, as it propels us to move ahead, focusing on our vision. It also ensures we dont lose the sight of our vision. However,dissatisfaction is the cause of failure as it not only makes us restless, but creates a feeling of discontentment.

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