Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ramayan-------Historic Pictures in Sri Lanka

Inform as many people as you can about these real pictures, so that it reaches those sub-human beings, who still doubt the existence of Lord Ram, and now can be at peace.
The following pictures are what is said to be the actual remains which stand proof to the Ramayana epic….. Most of these sites are located in present day Sri Lanka. Some of the sites are so breath taking by their sheer magnanimity and mysteriousness……

Ashok Vatika where Ravana kept Sita

The Ravana Palace which was burnt by Hanuman

Sugriva Cave

Mountain from where Sanjivani Booti was acquired
to save Lakshman which has many exotic herbs even now

Floating Stone from Ramsethu
(bridge made by lord Rama and Vanara sena)

Sent by Amit Bhadhuri



  1. As a subhuman, I can't express my bafflement
    The first one is a picture of Hampi. Don't doubt me,I am from Karnataka. The second one is a picture of the Colloseum, Rome. The hillock is called Sirigaya, and is in Sri Lanka and has an established history. AS to the kannada sign that says 'Sugriva Cave', I suppose it is somewhere in Karnataks. But it is as much proof of Sugriva as Manhattan is a proof of Spiderman. As regards to the alleged mountain, all my internet searches led me to people like you, so I draw a blank. And now to the floating stone which makes for some interesting science.(http://virajgupta.blogspot.in/2008/05/mystery-of-floating-stones.html) And what about Ramsethu? It is a reef.
    Anyway, at first sight, your blog seemed interesting and I thought it would make way for a rational discussion. But now all that I can say is that I am very disappointed that you can just fling some random words and people will kowtow. And if being educated, having a scientific outlook and doubting what is handed down makes me subhuman so that you can put forth your religious agenda, no doubt we are backward as a nation. Anyway you will probably not read this and you can indulge in all your cursing but it makes no difference.

    1. My warm regards to you and Thank you. It is a common misconception that people like Col LK Anand and all those who have written him those lovely letters think they are doing a great job and are being - "OH SO PATRIOTIC". Truth is they are really not interested in History or Truth... I am 21, an angry, disappointed young person. I hope some day we device a way to deal with this ignorance and idiocy in our country. A blog like this speaks volumes about our country. Appalling. I am glad you wrote what you did. In Pandora's box, hope did remain.

    2. Mr Anonymous. I wish you had the courage to disclose your identity. Anyway, you have shown enough of it, by bringing some startling facts and information to all who read or visit this blog. Unfortunately, I do not just keep going around checking the authenticity of every fact and information received by me. Neither do I guarantee the same. It depends upon visitors including anonymous to know and realise what goes on in this country, and it is for them to believe or disbelieve any information or facts placed in this blog. After all there are wiser people like you who can throw authentic light on what many people try and put forth to justify their claims.

      By finding flaws in some person's writings or presentations, any body's or your own patriotism can not be proved or disproved. There is no point in condemning any thing, that has been done in good faith for the benefit or interest of the society. All that is put in black and white can always not be authentic, though mostly I do try to post only material which convinces me to be published.

      You are at liberty to be angry or express your views whether they are supporting or divergent. One thing I am sure that such constructive discussions should and would go on. I am indeed grateful for your frank and forthright views.

      Col LK Anand Retd

    3. ‘Dear Mr Rohit Joshi : I do appreciate your concern which compelled you to display an explosive reaction, but with due apologies I would like to inform you that I normally refrain from publishing disrespectful language and words used for a particular community, since it is not in good taste. It is my duty to remove objectionable material wherever practicable and also to prevent spreading hatred in any form'. So I am publishing only which deserves to be. Col LK Anand Retd

      ……… And I say that with a smile cos I do pity you. @ LK Anand, Sir, I apologize for the disrespectful act of this creature who claims to be an Indian but is scared to even reveal his true identity. So, much for patriotism and RATIONALITY. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful blog and would like to apologize for my comments directed at this abysmally foolish and underdeveloped creature. I'm sorry but as it goes in Matrabhasha Hindi: "Jaisa ko Taisa" :) by Rohit Joshi

  2. oooh... you have an approval system. Now you can cherry pick from your bullshit.

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