Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Tehrir Square in Delhi on Feb 27, 2011

Call of Baba Ramdev (Yoga Guru)
[The people of India have had enough of corruption. The world famous Yoga exponent who has been articulating their angst for some time now, is about to launch a mass movement aimed to bring down the corrupt establishment]
Indians have witnessed, with a painful heart, a year of scams and scandals. Now, they are witnessing something unparalleled in history unfolding across the seas. With the Arab world shaken to its core following the uprising and revolutions against corrupt regimes and autocrats, Indians too are wondering if something  similar will happen at home.
Three years back, Hasan Ali, the mysterious stud farm owner with unknown sources of income, got a notice and was asked to pay up Rs 50,000 crore for evading taxes. But now he is living a luxurious life. However, he is not the only person who has black money and whom the government daren't touch. About Rs 300 lakh crore worth of black money is stashed abroad. The government is lying about thousands of such persons. The government has lied before the Supreme Court and the country's citizens. Some say about half of India's GDP is transferred out of the country every year in the form of black money. This is a big issue. The Centre is in denial mode. The government confesses that it is a big issue but is doing nothing in this regard.
Today, India is ranked as the 4th largest economy in the world. It could become the No. 1 economy if we can root out corruption from our country. The Manmohan Singh government is not honest about tackling corruption. The Congress has been in power intermittently for about 50 years, and it is in their rule that such a huge amount of black money was sent out of the country.
The government has all the names of big tax evaders. More than 1 lakh people in this country are involved in illegal mining. This is not at all their hard earned money. So, it is not only an issue of tax evasion, but people are also engaged in looting national resources. The government should not merely recover the black money from them, but they must also be thrown into jail. The government got A.Raja arrested. But in fact Raja was extended protection by placing someone else in the Telecom Ministry and tampering with documents. Raja is now getting five-star treatment in jail.
Five years back people were unwilling to agree that corruption is a central issue in our country's politics. But the people are more aware now. We will not tolerate corruption anymore. We will conduct a signature campaign and hold a march this February 27. We will try to start an Egypt-like movement in the country but without violence. There will be a revolution in the country. People will come out on the streets. We will not tolerate these corrupt people anymore.
Mubarak was exposed. Delhi too will wake up on February 27 when more than 1 lakh people will gather (to protest against corruption). The governments are deaf, dumb and blind. Can't they see the hardship of the common man who is living in dire poverty? On March 23 we will show them something they can never imagine.
When I started this movement, people said that corruption is not an issue. But now it is the biggest issue of all. This is evident from the crowds I am attracting these days. -- 2 lakh per meeting. I was pained when people doubted me, especially when I was trying to do something for the country. However, all that is now a thing of the past. Has any politician ever got the love and affection which I am getting from 120 crore people?
I will teach yoga till my last breath, but I will also work to bring prosperity to this country. By 2020, India will be the top economy of the world. About 90-99 per cent of those who are at the top of the political spectrum are corrupt.
But yes, I don't want to name any individual. These people who are at the top of the government hierarchy, have looted the country. In fact I would recommend Narco tests for all citizens. Then the truth will come out automatically. We won't allow nepotism in this country anymore. They have to answer the people. Those who are saying that they will be the next prime minister, please visit villages once a year. I spend each day in a village. The poor and downtrodden people of this country will stand up one day. They won't allow such nepotism.


  1. Plan a Protest Against Corruption

    Dear friends,

    Our countrymen are fed up of all the scams that have hit us with regularity
    for the last 10 years especially the last three odd years. The scale of it
    has been unprecedented. The PM has expressed his (read personal) im.....ce (edited) under the compulsions of coalition politics and has not been convincing enough that he will be ruthless in dealing with all of them. The Opposition
    parties are busy scoring political points. The media is busy scoring TRIP ratings albeit exposing new angles and plots.

    What we are missing is a national upsurge to shake the Country, the Centre and State Govts and create a movement that can lead to lasting reforms.

    The Arab countries are up in arms with Tunisia leading the cascade effect.
    This has fired the imagination of the world. Why are we sleeping? Because we do not have anyone to organise it on the same lines and in India it
    doesn't happen spontaneously

    This is our chance as ESMs to take the lead in organising protests in every State Capital catalysing the population into joining it.
    Set a date. make out a detailed plan (keep the OROP on the back burner for the time being), debate and finalise it, publicise by galvanising the media (they will love it) and execute the plan. Must keep out the political parties so they do not hijack the movement.

    The plan should be to make it totally peaceful, highly visible, dynamic, new and innovative (pre planned) moves every day/week, entreat the population using all possible means to join in so that it gains critical mass and becomes truly a national upsurge. Do not have the same leaders making speeches. As the movement picks momentum and becomes increasingly popular we must eventually get prominent (as far as possible non political) people from all walks of life to give talks. People who are artists, journalists, writers/authors, sports persons,jurists/lawyers, heads of good NGOs,activists like Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar, Mallika Sarabhai, Teesta Setalvad etc should be invited.

    The org has to be pucca with ESMs manning all controls to see that we do not have chaps paid by political parties to cause disruption. There are a lot of aspects that need to be considered and planned with proper deliberations.

    Please delve your minds on it, debate all angles and decide to go for it. It should be done within a month so that we hit it when issues are still hot.

    Give lot of publicity till it takes off. Please let us discuss it in all forums and push the idea so we serve the nation in our twilight years so that the the younger generation have a better life.

    Jai Hind!

    Vivek Bopiah

  2. My dear Vivek

    An excellent idea -- and, as you said, let us cogitate over it and try and try and get a viable method worked out.

    Please do keep in mind that a certain amount of finances would be needed, if the entire concept has to be worked out by IESM.Only two (rather mundane!) points from me at this point: it may not be necessary to let this agitation exclude OROP from the vision -- they are NOT mutually exclusive and could well be tackled side by side. Secondly: Teesta
    Setalvad? OMG!! As highly politicised and commercialised a person as anyone can ever be!!

    Wg Cdr CK Sharma (Retd)

  3. Plan a Protest Against Corruption

    My dear CK,

    In today's context anti corruption is of greater importance than OROP. OROP will take the sheen off the protest and the populace will think it is only for meeting our aims. It will detract from larger issues. If the protests are successful you will find the present Govt bending backwards to sanction OROP as a bribe to keep us off the agitation.

    I do not know enough about Setalvad except that she is anti Gujarat riots. However, I do not think she is actually a political person even though she is trying to reap fame being anti Modi. That is neither here nor there. She is not important.



  4. Dear All,

    Our Groups, individually or as a group have no locus standi , barring the one which is recognized by the Center but that is his Master's Voice.

    Therefore, retaining individual identity, joining this much larger countrywide movement, which is going to snowball into unimaginable proportions , as it seems has been planned , and besides keeping our OROP on top of the agenda by public announcements through the conveners of this countrywide movement , that a few lac crores of the country's wealth can be reported as flight out from the country, but the G of I does not have a thousand or two crores for the legitimate over dues of the veterans, who are nearing their Last Sunset.


    Ved Sachar

  5. Dear Veterans,

    The suggestion by Col Vivek is a good one. Some of the personalities he has mentioned may not be agreed to by some of us. Barring that, the idea requires to be considered seriously by the IESM.

    The OROP is a separate issue & there is no need to side line it.

    At the same time I would also like to mention that, when an Army Officer gets Court Martialled & sentenced on charges of corruption, let us not start casting aspersions on the procedures followed or compare that with some Politicians or Bureaucrats getting away for more serious crimes. We always pride ourselves for the fact that Army renders justice in a fair & speedy manner. We say that we are different & therefore, should be treated accordingly at a higher plane than that of the Civilian Counterparts. Condoning corruption or keeping silent on the issue is one of them. As per the information available, many more cases of discipline in the Armed Forces, are to be tried, with regard to both serving & retired Officers. To my mind this is a welcome step & long over due to some extent. The Army has to reassert its image, after the unfortunate series of aberrations in the past couple of years.

    While planning for agitation as suggested by Veteran Vivek, let us keep the politicians of all hues & colour away, since most of them are tainted, irrespective of their party affiliations.

    Veteran Raman

    Col (Retd) TN Raman

  6. Dear Lalitji,

    I am ever so glad, that, you have joined the crusade against corruptions. I find a lack of interests among ex-uniforms to join the crusade and with my experience of serving in uniform, I can understand the reasons.

    We will carry on our mission regardless of ..........
    With best wishes,
    Amit Bhadhuri
    Former CISF Officer