Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thought for Today,

The Phrase " Working of The Indian Governent"

is a misnomer. Govt of India stopped working

since long.

It was only looting the people.

Starting from Chaprasi to the Prime Minister

to the President all looted the People

sometimes and even all the time.

If any one expects the present setup

to bring back the Black Money

he is living in fools Paradise.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Col. Anand,

    You have spoken the absolute truth. Bharat now is a country where from a peon in the dist level office to PMO office nothing can be done without bribes and grafts. A PM is nothing but a subservient of a foreigner who is hell bent to destroy Hindus and destabilise the country apart from mega-loots since Bofer. A president is Super PM's another slave and subservient whose husband and family members are/were aleegedly involved in stealing crores from suciding sugar farmers, murder of an opposition and of course as land mafias.

    You are so right Colonel.

    Former CISF Officer