Wednesday, November 23, 2011


23rd Nov 2011
Dear Veterans

1. The present Government at the centre has not yet accepted our most important demand of OROP.  Despite of our protest movement conducted peacefully within the norms of discipline for the past over forty months, the Government has shown no positive consideration to our demands. In a Vishal Rally held at Jantar Mantar organized under the aegis of IESM where ESM and Defense Widows from across the country (18 states) took part, the following resolution was unanimously passed by raising of hands by all present without exception and renting the air with their approval:-

(a) Since the present Government at the Centre has not granted OROP, it has no right to ask for votes from Defence Personnel and their family members.

(b) Accordingly the Defence veterans resolved unanimously that they will not vote for the UPA in any future election either at the State or Centre.

(c) However, if OROP is granted by the Government, this resolution will be null and void or withdrawn.

2. It was also decided to hold rallies in States to Garner support from the Defense fraternity and also other segments of society and organizations. It was decided to initially hold these rallies where elections are taking place in the near future. Accordingly all ESM organizations and ESM in the States and UTs are requested to “Unite for the cause of OROP which is applicable to all present and future ESM forgetting differences if any, and give wide publicity to the contents of the above resolution across the length, breadth and depth of the country to exert the right pressure on the Government to accept our demand. The states which are going in for election are Punjab, UP, Utrakahand and Himachal, and later Rajasthan, MP and Haryana.

3. One Rally each at the State Capital and other cities where Defense personnel stay in large numbers are being planned. We would require logistic support in kind or in funds to conduct these rallies. All ESM are requested to contribute generously in kind (Transport, Rally Site arrangements, meals, refreshments, tea, water etc) or in funds to enable us to make these rallies a grand success. The cheques may please be made in the name of Indian Ex Servicemen Movement (HDFC A/C No 06162000001330) and either deposit in any branch of the HDFC or send at IESM HQ address “543 Sector 23 Gurgaon (Haryana) 122017.

4. The first of the rallies is being planned at TRICITY (Chandigarh- Mohali - Panchkula) in Dec 2011. The exact date is being finalized in consultation with convener IESM Punjab. The rally in UP at Lucknow has also been planned on 09 Jan 2012.

5. Another aspect which I wish to bring to the notice of all veteran officers for their consideration is about the negligible presence of officers at the rallies. Like in service, the dictum of leading from the front is equally applicable in the lives of Defense Veterans. The veteran JCOs and men still look up to the officers as their leaders to assist them. I am reminded of a fine act of duty which we learnt and executed with scrupulous honesty 45 years back which I am sure was continuing from the past traditions ie as Gunner GPO at the Gun position, I did not take my evening meal till such time all the gun pits had been dug, the guns had been put in the gun pits and all men had had their meals. It had a very strong effect on our men. I implore upon all officers to let us be part of this protest movement to get OROP which has been denied to us for the past over 30 years. Please attend all rallies being held in your city/ district. This is a humble request to my brother officers. All those who cannot attend due to any pressing reasons, please contribute generously to make the protest Movement achieve its goals. History reveals that Movements succeeded when all affected with the cause joined in unison with “Passion in the Heart” and “Fire in the Belly”. “JAGO FAUJI JAGO Join the Protest Movement to Get Justice for Defense Forces”. 

6. This letter may please be circulated to the maximum ESM organizations and ESM. 

With Regards,
Jai Hind
Yours Sincerely,
Maj Gen (Retd) Satbir Singh, SM
Vice Chairman Indian Ex Servicemen Movement
Mobile: 9312404269, 0124-4110570
Email: satbirsm@yahoo.com" >satbirsm@yahoo.com

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