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1.     All Defence Offrs, please be informed that Offrs of other services with whom you interact on functional basis, like MES Civ  Offrs, GREF Civ Offrs, Offrs  of  BSF, CRPF ,ITBP, Def Accts(IDAS), Test Audit(IA&AS), Ord Factory Bd etc,  will now get the salary and grade pay of Joint Secretary/ Maj Gen (GP Rs 10000/-) in 19 yrs of service, and will draw the pay of Addl  Secretary to Govt of India which is equal to a Lt Gen(GP Rs 12000/-) in 32 yrs of service by virtue of their service being Organised Gp A Service.

 2.      The above condition has been brought about consequent to acceptance of 6 CPC recom on NFU by GoI , wherein it recommended that  whenever any IAS officer of the state or joint cadre is posted at the Centre to a     particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in Pay Bands PB-3 or PB-4,the officers belonging to batches of Organised Group A services that are senior by two years or more and have not been promoted so far to that particular grade would be granted the same grade on a non functional basis from the date of posting of the IAS officers in that grade at the centre. Hence if an IAS officer becomes Joint Secretary in 17 years of service the offrs of Org Gp A Service(like the ones mentioned in Para 1) will start drawing the salary of Joint Secretary in maximum of 19 years of service and similarly that of Addl Secretary / Lt Gen in 30 and 32 yrs resp.

3.       Why is it not applicable to Def Offrs :  Because as per Govt of India  Def  Offrs are NOT part of Org Gp A Service and the above recom is applicable to only to the latter.

4.       If Def Offrs are not part of Org Gp A service then what are they :They are just ‘Commissioned Officers’.

5.       If all the above is correct then who all form part of Org Gp A Service and how Def Offrs call themselves Class 1 offrs ; Central Civil Services  mainly include AIS (All India Services, namely, IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service) and Org Gp A service .There are a total of 58 services forming part of Org Gp A service. Please see the attachment. Def Offrs are not part of Civil Services but have been broadly kept at par with Gp A Offrs of Civil Services( erstwhile known as Class 1 offrs) by various Pay Commissions. The reference to same since independence is attached.

6.       Background to recom of NFU for Org Gp A Service  as per 6 CPC:

(a)      The Sixth CPC observed that there is a conventional edge of two years between IAS and other AIS/ Central Group A services and stated that though the Fifth CPC had taken the view that the edge need not be disturbed, in practice, however, the gap of two years (for posting to various grades in the Centre in form of empanelment of IAS officers and promotion for other Group A officers), has increased in respect of many organised Group A services.

(b)     The sixth CPC felt that this is not justified as Organised Group A services have to be  given their due which justifiably should mean that the disparity, as far as appointment to various grades in Centre are concerned, should not exceed two years between IAS and organised Central Group A services. It recommended that the Government should, accordingly, consider batch-wise parity while empanelling and/or posting  at Centre between respective batches of IAS and other organised Group A services with the gap being restricted to two years.

(c)      Therefore whenever any IAS officer of the state or joint cadre is posted at the Centre to a  particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in Pay Bands PB-3 or PB-4,the officers belonging to batches of Organised Group A services that are senior by two years or more and have not been promoted so far to that particular grade would be granted the same grade on a non functional basis from the date of posting of the IAS officers in that grade at the centre.

(d)     The higher non-functional grade so given to the officers of organised Group A services  will  be personal to them and will not depend on the number of vacancies in that grade.
(e)     These officers will continue in their existing posts and will get substantial posting in the  higher grade that they are holding on non functional basis only after vacancies arise in that     grade. This will not only ensure some sort of modified parity between IAS and other Central Group A services but will also alleviate the present grade of disparity existing between promotional avenues available to different organised Group A services. 

(f)      The Government accepted the recommendations of Sixth CPC and granted the NFU to  Organized GP A Services .

7.            Why should the def offrs get NFU :Because of the following reasons :

(a)                  None of the Org  Gp  A service faces  as much stagnation as the Armed  
Forces offrs because of   its pyramidal structure. In fact, on the contrary, most of the Gp A service offrs, as it is, reach the level equal to Addl Secretary due to cylindrical structure of promotion of their service. Only  issue for them is,’ in how many years’. In comparison, 97% def offrs retire at the levels below Joint Secretary / Maj Gen. Hence, if the logic of giving NFU to Org Gp A offrs is stagnation, then, no one deserves it more than the Armed Forces  Offrs.

(b)                  Traditionally, since independence, there has been a broad parity between the Class 1 / Gp A offrs of Civil Services and the Defence Services  Offrs  which has been acknowledged   by different Pay Commissions in their reports. In such a case ,the differential  behaviour  of  6 CPC not only disturbs the financial parity, it pushes down the def services in status as even direct recruit  offrs of Gp B services  attain a better pay and promotional avenue and manage to reach the level of Joint Secretary / Maj Gen before retiring . In fact, now  Sub Inspectors of CRPF/BSF/ITBP too can beat Def Services Offrs when they too will retire with the salary of Addl Secretary / Lt Gen, if they get promoted as Asstt Comdt / DSP in 8 yrs. All this will only fuel frustration, disgruntlement and   will have a demoralising effect on the Armed Forces  Offrs.

(c)                  Since Def Offrs will have to work alongside some of the Organised Gp
A Services    mentioned, a disparity of this magnitude will lead to functional problems .In some stations, it is already being heard that Civ Offrs have started projecting themselves as senior to top military offr like Stn Cdr. In a specific case a Civ Chief Engineer  of MES has started considering himself senior to a COS  due to NFU and started saying so all around. Such problems will only increase in future. Moreover, this issue must not be allowed to linger till  7th CPC for resolution. If our top brass stands up united on this issue, the govt will have to accept it. Service HQs  are aware of this issue and had sent a proposal to MoD, but it has been rejected. However , the issue needs a more forceful pleading duly backed by Service Offrs unanimously.

8.        Benefits of NFU : It will not only benefit the offrs  facing stagnation at the level of Lt Col, Col, and Brig, but will also benefit senior offrs like Maj Gen and Lt Gen who otherwise pick up their ranks in 29 yrs and 35 yrs resp, as they will too start drawing the pay of Maj Gen in 19 yrs of service and that of Lt Gen in 32 yrs of service.

9.        What can you do  : Don’t accept ‘ fait accompli’, Spread awareness, as knowledge is power. Apprise more and more offrs about this discrimination. Raise it in appropriate forums to escalate its level and let the top brass take it up as seriously as PB-4 issue with the govt for IT IS, AS SERIOUS AN ISSUE. It not only affects pay, it also affects status. So please do your bit, at least ask for it from your seniors. If you have anything more to add to this mail, which is relevant and factually correct, please go ahead and add on for the benefit of all, and circulate this in your yahoo/google/any other groups of various courses/ batches on the internet.    
Sent by DVS Kang


  1. Please be aware that the Indian system of prioritization never ceases to surprise me.
    Now, one of the cardinal principle of employment- call it HR practice- is to reward performance. SO, if someone functions better, you promote him. If someone shirks work, you punish him. If someone else has to do the shirker's work, you not only punish the shirker, but find ways to additionally reward the doer, aside from promoting him perhaps.

    We don't work like that here. And who but the Armed Forces should know???

    Consequently, even as the various fauji ranks (sadly copied out of context, by any and everyone- police services etc) AND standing have successively gone down in the Warrant of Precedence over the years since independence, apparently due to machinations of the bureaucracy, they the drafters and custodians of the 'rule book' have found unique ways to keep their interests more than looked after.

    The latest example is the "Non Functional Upgrade" created by the 6th CPC to promote mediocrity and inefficiency. Rewarding even the inefficient.

    It implies in essence, that if you are promoted, so will be your seniors and batch mates.............soon.
    Its applicable to all Group A services... LESS DEFENCE SERVICES !!!!

    Voila !!- We Fixed em'.

    Talk of deficiencies in Defence Officer cadre, equipment deficiencies, poor pay.......... I have a Question.

    Supreme Commander (The Prez)? NAH !

    The MOD?

    With the narration above, you still think so? NAH !

    Who else? The Army itself? How far can they get with improvisations, and the 'evil jealous eye of some of the above?'

    Fauji ko gussa kyon aata hai? Now you know?
    Please read the post above. You will see part of the picture.

    Col RP Chaturvedi,

  2. If you are thinking type, try and figure out how & why the Fauj has reached the present state.
    Prez wants photo ops at the controls of a fighter ac(in 9 yds sari), AF lines up the best in its stables. Faujis are at their best when it comes to show off. She doesn't consider it important enough to find out why ex Faujis are cheesed off. You want to call her your Supreme Commander!!! Go ahead and do so. It doesn't mean a F.... to me.

    MOD is an another joke. You may not agree but there is a bloke heading it who fits the bill superbly.

    Some guy gets killed because Railway Minister hasn't time to upgrade safety Systems. GOI doesn't wait a sec to announce 5 lacs for each dead.

    Guys(Owners) are too busy counting the loot and a Hosp burns down & takes some 90 along. CM is all over the place showing off how efficiently her Govt is at crisis management. Delhi Sarkar rushes to dole out 5 lacs to each dead.

    Faujis think that they can do Anna Hazare act.
    Tamasha at Jantar Mantar then to Presidents Palace with sackful of Medals. Madame doesn't bother to ack it & sends some joker to tell the Retd Gen Sahib that She has no need(respect) of medals which Sarkar Hazoor doles out to Faujis to keep them in good humor.

    Baki sab thik hai, roti pani chal rahi hai. Fauj gai T........ bharne.

    Cheers & keep laughing

    DVS Kang

  3. Please be informed that there is no change in status or privileges with NFFU as there is no change in the grade pay. There is only monetary benefit as the difference in the grade pay is adjusted in the basic pay. Govt OM is very clear about it. So there is no promotion.

    OM No. AB.14017/64/2008-Estt.(RR) dated 24th April, 2009 refers. The up-gradation granted under these orders will be a purely non- functional up-gradation, personal to the officer and It would not bestow any right to the officer to claim promotion or deputation benefits based on non-functional up-gradation in such a manner.

    Pay fixation under on grant of non-functional up-gradation under these orders will be done as per the provisions of CCS (RP) Rules ,2008 i.e. the officers will be granted one increment at the rate of 3% of basic pay and the difference of grade pay will be added to their basic pay.

  4. If the pay does not change then how the offrs are reaching HAG?

  5. for the same thing some army doctor fight in court and finally won the case for DACP but denied by our own ARMY people,these all of above organisation giving full col rank and pay to all their doctors at 15yrs of service for last 20 yrs and we idiot of ARMY offrs making our AMC or AFMC doctor to full col at 26 yrs of service,now even they considered no antedate for MBBS doctor,now u all r crying foul....

  6. Sir, BSF, CRPF, ITBP etc have been deemed not to be "Organised Group A" services, owing to the fact that they do not have any cadre posts in the HAG+ or APEX grade.

    Please correct your information. No Central Police Org is in receipt of NFFU. Repeat, NO CPO is receiving NFFU.

  7. Please see this DOPT letter and confirm for yourself that bsf/itbp/crpf/cisf are Org Gp A service : PlNo. I-11011/1/2009-CRD
    Government of India
    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions
    Department of Personnel and Training dated
    December 14, 2010

  8. As per DOPT OM no I-11019/12/2008-CRD dated 19th Nov 2009, highest cadre post should not be below SAG level in an organised Gp A service.Having a HAG/HAG+ post is not an essential attribute for being recognized as an organised GP A Service.

  9. i dont even fully read all this . all iknow i am aware of a few cases where three army officers were duped and robbed by one of the real estate broker . the offficwers went right up to the army commander , sweet f--all was done by the army to help them out . Ironically that ba---d broker sent some complaints against them and army promptly ordered a Cof I against the officer . No respect , no protection . Earlier when I heard anything about army eroctores pilorum used to contrats ,and now urinary bladder contracts . never join army . look at the walth of any piddly sub inspector . when you go to police station , an ASI asks you for proof of indentification ,you show him the Ex service man card , instead of getting up and saluting he says , what is the meaing of this paper -- how does this reflect your economic status , what gurantees . and we keep hanging this peice of paper around our necks all throu our lives and also get punished when we loose it .

  10. Hi Every body on this thread!

    It is good to spread the message all over the country! It is better to get the media (like ND TV) on your side so that they can act as the 'Loud Horn'!

    When will our military top brass take a stand on such issues? They seem to be getting more and more spine-less over the years!

    Please involve the media and take joint action across the country on a specified day. You will achieve more. Take a lead from the Middle East!

    All the best.

    The Anon Voice

  11. I do not undrstand wheather I should Pitty or empathise with arguments of initiator of this aerticle? days have come when some fauzi,s have lost belief in their being the best. If they wanted money they should have Opened a dhaba or Pan shop or opted for some business, because some of them earn more than a fauzi. Force was never for those whose priority was money. Those following that thought are in the wrong job.perhaps it is due to these people that force is loosing its esteem in the eyes of general public. Because they are tryinng to compete and compare in the field i.e. in economy & finance, where they are not the best. perhaps they have lost there way or they were never supposed to be where they are.

    1. Now a days we take it as a career Ok, and we will have to ask for Better pay and status coz no “Mai ka Lal” in civil will respect us if we do not have the status. Status at least in India, comes with money and nothing but money. As regards opening a “dhaba and paan shop” render this advise to IAS/IPS lobby, coz in their interview also they vouch for Desh Sewa. Being part of modern Army is not like being a security guard. You have to be the best and the best needs to be paid the best. One more thing all these IAS/IPS are actually rejects of SSB, coz after Class 12th, these people do attempt SSB. Get rejected and again try for CDS. At last they sit and prepare for IAS/IPS exam for two years with coaching. Thats why they have grudges against the defence forces and at first opportunity try and reduce their status. But this should not be and won't be taken anymore. We should not now work for alms thrown at us through the IAS/IPS lobby, by this Govt. And just to keep the records straight, Army officers pay was almost thrice in 1947. It was so much more that people who joined the forces did not care about it. Now pitiably, it has been reduced to unimaginable levels. Anonymous

  12. @My frnd anonymous of 17 Dec21:18,your's is precisely the lot who get befooled by bureaucrats,like a lampoon you talk nonsense. Dear, it is not the question of money, it is also status.Tomorrow if the identity of Group A service(your so called CLASS ONE OFFICER)is that he joins at grade pay of 5400/- and retires with a grade pay of 12000/-, where does it leave a baffoon like you? As class one? No way since bulk of fauj retires at Col TS ie grade pay 8700/-.So that means 0.5% of your offrs who become Lt Gen are class one rest are jhandu baam.Wait till you see a GE telling a Stn Cdr to buzz off as he, with a grade pay of 10000/- will claim to be senior to a lallu brig with grade pay 8900/-, then only jokers like you will wake up to realise that their---- has been stolen!!!

  13. latest update on DACP for army doctors

  14. What a false propaganda...???
    NO CAPF i.e. BSF.CRPF etc are Organised GP A Services till now and there is no NFU benefits extended to them..
    On the contrary the promotional avenues are very narrow as the Gp A offr of these forces attain PB-4 pay-band almost after 18-20 Yrs of GP-A..Service..
    Now its promotions are getting stagnated and current batches may not reach PB-4 in their entire service of 33 Yrs ..
    Plz correct ur faulty info..