Monday, June 25, 2012


Considering the past record of Indo-US relationship and US’ penchant for arm twisting India over the last six decades; and, US’ duplicity in their foreign policy, viz. supporting Dictators all over the world, eg. Gen Ayub Khan, Yahya Khan, Zia-ul-Haq and Parvez Musharraf of Pakistan, late Marcos of Philipines, late Shah of Iran, Gen Zia-ur-Rehman and HM Ershad of Bangladesh, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt; but NOT democratic India; I for one do NOT trust the US. US attacked Iraq despite the fact that majority of countries in UN were against American intervention; yet, they did so, under the pretext that Iraq possessed Weapons of Mass Destruction. They did so, because Saddam Hussain refused to accept payment for oil in Dollars; but insisted that payment be made in Euros. Hence Saddam Hussain had to be eliminated; so that the US could suck out their oil. With the US economy in doldrums, the US in connivance with Man Mohan Singh and Montek Singh Ahluwalia (both American stooges) have managed to get India to sign the Indo-US nuclear deal; under which the US would soon be dumping billions of Dollars worth of obsolete Nuclear Power plants on India; and make India dependent and vulnerable to supply of Uranium by USA.

It is the US who supplied arms & ammunition, tanks, guns & fighter aircrafts to Pakistan to wage war against India in Sep 1965 and again in Dec 1971. It is the US who sent the 7thFleet to the Bay of Bengal in Dec 1971 in support of Pakistan and to brow beat India. It is the US who managed to arm twist India into signing the Indo-US nuclear deal, which is detrimental to India’s national interest.  It is the US who is now leveraging and luring India to buy F-35 fighter aircrafts, which is still in the drawing board stage?”

Of late, a number of articles have appeared warning India of the aggressive posture being adopted by the Chinese; and that an attack on India in Arunachal Pradesh in the near future cannot be ruled out. And when that happens, let me assure you, Uncle Sam would side with China and NOT India; because of US interests. Relations between Nations is not based on DHARMA; but national interests. India must be very clear as to where US interests lie; definitely not in favour of India. India must bear in mind:

a. America respects only Strength.

b. As long as India remains militarily weak, India cannot expect US to treat it with respect & dignity, on par with China.

c. US shall respect India only when India has the nuclear capability to hit every city in the US. Mark my word ‘capability’ and that it does NOT mean India would attack US.

dIt is human nature that a man who is six feet tall would tend to bully a man who is only five feet tall. But the moment the ‘six footer’ realizes that the ‘five footer’ is not going to take the bullying kindly; and that it would be perilous or suicidal for the ‘six footer’ to mess around with the ‘five footer’; he would back off. Same is the case in case of Nations. In our context, China is the ‘six footer’ and India the ‘five footer’. As of now, militarily we are no match to China. The day China decides to attack India, which is quite probable; and decides to use nuclear force; India shall buckle. As of now, we do NOT have credible nuclear capability to deter China from attacking India. The question is: Why would China like to attack India? In matters of geo-politics, Nations establishing supremacy and spheres of influence is an accepted norm; and neither US nor China are exceptions. And they do not hesitate to enforce this by Military means. China is quite aware of India’s growing economy and its influence globally; and especially in our neighbouring countries and in countries of South East Asia. China would like to put India in its place and humiliate it by way of a military confrontation; to be acknowledged as a Super Power in this part of the world; and to send a strong & unmistakable message to the US of its strength & potential.

e. When China attacks India in co-ordination with Pakistan, China shall grab Arunachal Pradesh and Pakistan shall grab Kashmir. A war with such disastrous consequences would result in total ruination of our economy. The value of stocks & shares in the Bombay Stock Exchange would collapse and vanish in smoke overnight.

f. What can India do to prevent to prevent China from attacking us? The answer is simple. Wake up to face the realities on ground and bolster our Defence capabilities. When I say, ‘India must have the nuclear capability to hit every city in the US’, it goes without saying that, India would have the capability to hit every city in China; thus sending a strong message to China, NOT to mess around with India. And it is only when India is capable of standing on its two feet and defend itself that, US would respect India; and NOT otherwise.

g. Given the long history of US treating India shabbily and with disdain; it would be foolish on the part of India to expect US to stand by it in its hour of crisis, when attacked by China in collusion with Pakistan. I, at least, would NOT like to live in a fool’s paradise.

There is a saying, “Countries or People who do not learn lessons from history; are doomed to repeat their mistakes, at peril of losing their sovereignty”. At stake is India’s freedom, liberty and Democracy. Wish the three Service Chiefs have the gumption to tell the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the National Security Council, the Parliamentary Standing Committee for Defence and the President of India of the dire straits we are in; and the steps required to be taken on war footing (as per a time bound plan) to bolster our Defence preparedness to counter a combined attack by China and Pakistan. And in case, the three Service Chiefs find that their collective advice is either being ignored or not being acted upon as per the time bound plan, they all must resign; rather than be a party to humiliation of the Country; as it happened in 1962. Hope India wakes up from its stupor.

Veteran Col SS Rajan


The views expressed by the author are his own and left to public to judge and rationalise for themselves.

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