Monday, October 29, 2012

With Anna Hazare by his side, former Army chief General V.K. Singh wants UPA govt to be dissolved

Social activist Anna Hazare , who was recently left alone after his "core committee" decided to take the political plunge headed by Arvind Kejariwal, has now declared that he will form a new team that will continue the anti corruption campaign across the country. Supporting Anna at a press conference in Mumbai was Former Army chief, General VK Singh, who called for the dissolution of Parliament. Both Anna and Singh will reveal names of the members in a brand new 'Team Anna', before Diwali. Anti-graft activist and former Army Chief General VK Singh on Monday attacked the UPA coalition, saying that the government has crossed all the limits of corruption and hence the Parliament should be dissolved. While addressing a press conference in presence of Anna Hazare, he said the government is not concerned about the common man and is against the Constitution.

"Government is snatching food and work. People must act otherwise nothing will be left. Why is the government silent on blackmoney. Government has surrendered to the market. Government is against the Constitution. We demand that Parliament should be dissolved," he said.

"People should choose the new government. Both ruling party and opposition are silent over corruption issues. Government should come clear how they want to run the government on the market demands or on the constitution. Farmers' land is being distributed to corporate. We demand that Parliament be dissolved and elections held immediately," he added.

Singh, who had called upon Anna earlier this month but denied joining hands with him, on Monday formally announced his decision to support Anna's anti-corruption movement. 

Addressing the media, General Singh said that he was joining Anna to bring an end to graft. General Singh also said that the UPA government is concerned only about big business and has stopped caring about the people. General Singh called the Congress party 'isolated' as its own coalition partners were sidelining it. He said that the Parliament must be dissolved as both the UPA and the opposition have chosen to remain silent over important issues.

General Singh launched a scathing attack at the UPA government on the issue of FDI in retail as well as its apathy for marginal farmers and the common people. Singh said, "The UPA government has taken decisions despite being in minority. When they should have taken decisions they did not and now, they are taking decisions that are burdening the common man and benefiting the big businesses. The government should be dissolved and we must have a Lok Sabha election."

 Singh also said that the government had lost the right to be in power as it had "failed the people who have elected them". Singh said that it was time to elect a government that would work for the people. "For several months, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh kept setting aside the principle of collective responsibility but suddenly there are policy decisions being  taken to benefit businesses and burden the common man and the opposition as well as the partners of the coalition government are silent about it."

General Singh also said that not one Parliamentarian has spoken about bringing back the black money, which is stashed in foreign banks. "This money can be used for development projects in the country. There are many countries in the West that are trying to get back the black money stashed away but the Indian government and the opposition are maintaining a deep silence about this issue." General Singh also spoke about the advise of Mahatma Gandhi for development - to value the poor and the environment. He said all that the government is doing is to actually devalue the poor man as well as mess with the environment. "None of this is going to help development," Singh said.

by the kind courtesy of India Today and IBNLive.


  1. It is good for the country to have such leadership developed who can take the established political leadership head on, some thing that the people considered impossible. It is also a good sign to see people having proven leadership qualities and ability join such movements.

  2. brij mohan karir
    ''WE THE PEOPLE''is how we start our constitution. people
    came forward when call for LOKPAL was given.we should have a
    PROPER lokpal(for the people)we should not waste time on discussing.the lokpal billprepared and introduced by bc kandhuria was applauded by anna.let us accept the same and
    don't allow its dilution by politicians.let us put our efforts for its adoption and proper implementation.let us request all social workers to work for WE THE PEOPLE rather than allow the present day politians to divide our efforts