Monday, November 26, 2012


Dear Veterans,
Jai Hind.
The Government of India orders issued today 26 Nov 12 are attached.

Those who retired before 01 Jan 1986, should read the letter carefully.

For grant of Rank Pay arrears the order does not make any distinction among officers who retired before or after 01 Jan 1986 – SO PLEAES RELAX.

Salary of all officers whether they retired before 01 Jan 1986 or after that date, will be revised upwards.

1.     Those in service on 01 Jan 1986, will get benefit of full rank pay till the date of retirement (corresponding to their rank on various dates) and half of the rank pay from the date of retirement till 31 Dec 2006.

2.    The officers who retired before 01 Jan 1986, will get half of the rank pay as addition to their earlier pension, starting from 01 Jan 1986, till 31 Dec 2006.

3.    For the revised pay in both cases the additional DA will also be added.

4.    Interest will be given only with effect from 01 Jan 1986. Rate of interest has not been defined in the Supreme Court order. It may be defined in the subsequent letter by the Government.

5.    Whether the income tax due will be deducted at source or you will have to pay later is not known at present.

For the well drafted GoI letter we need to once again thank Lt Col BK Sharma President RDOA and his Team Members of Retired Defence Officers Association.

Of course the credit also goes to the Three Service Headquarters who took Colonel Sharma in confidence while drafting this letter.

Thank you Col Sharma and all members of the Executive Committee of the RDOA.

Thank you Pay Cells of The Three Service Headquarters.

Of course the MoD deserves NO THANKS.

GOD will suitably look after all the Babus who are responsible for this gross cheating with the Defence Officers in the case of Rank Pay.

By the kind courtesy of REPORT MY SIGNAL
In service of Indian Military Veterans.
Chander Kamboj

121126 -IV CPC Rank Pay Case.pdf
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RDOA India : rdoaindia@gmail.com  wrote 

Dear Sir,

Email is forwarded for your reference please.


GOI & MoD have issued two letters for complying with the Supreme Court order.

Modalities for payment are being worked out for which separate letter will be issued.

TRIPAS has been asked to fwd DGL immediately. Details of letter given
"In compliance of the Supreme Court order dated 4/9/12, I am directed to convey that GOI has decided to refix the pay without deduction of rank pay wef 1/1/86 in respect of the affected officers of the armed forces in conformity with the orders of the Kerela High Court order dated 5/10//1998". 

" Instructions regarding the modalities and methodology of payment to the affected officers of the armed forces and the provisioning of funds for the same are being issued seperately in consultation with Service Hqs, CGDA, Def (Fin) & MoF".

" TRIPAS is requested to prepare DGL and submit to MoD immediately"

Pse find letters attached


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  3. Why the offrs who were Sub/Lt and Lts as on 01 Jan 1986 being denied rank pay.

  4. If somebody could quantify the benefit,if at all, to a substantive Major who retired before 1.1. 1986. What would and should be the pension as per latest orders?