Thursday, November 8, 2012

Update On Rank Pay Case - 06 Nov 2012

Dear Veterans,

 Jai Hind.
After clearance of the Rank Pay Case by the Ministry of Law, Ministry of Defence, Government of India, has cleared the file for payment to the affected officers. MoD has asked the Services Headquarters to prepare the “Draft Implementation Order” and send it to the Ministry of Defence.

It is reliably learnt that the Pay Cells of the tree Services had anticipated such a letter from MoD and have a draft order ready.

As already informed to you, a senior officer of the AG’s Branch Army Headquarters is/was at Pune to discuss the information that is needed by the PCDA (O), for implementation of the order. Ways and means will be found to get such information with least trouble to the affected Army Officers.

The AG’s Branch Officer now at Pune is the son of a retired Army Officer – so he very well knows all your problems.

As regards the other two Services, Navy and Air Force, their accounts offices have all the information required for implementation of the Rank Pay Case.

In case of Army Officers the problem has arisen because of a major  fire in the office of PCDA (O) about a decade ago. Lot of records were destroyed in that fire.

A larger number of emails are floating on the internet to mislead the officers of the Three Services that the Government has again filed a petition in the Supreme Court. If you receive any such email PLEASE TELL THE ORIGINATOR OF THE EMAIL TO SHUT UP.

An email received from Lt Col BK Sharma, President Retired Defence Officers Association, is also reproduced below.

A MOST HUMBLE REQUEST – Please stop calling or sending emails to The President RDOA or other officials of RDOA or me, on the subject of Rank Pay Case.

As and when new information is available it will be sent to you without any delay.

By the kind courtesy of REPORT MY SIGNAL
In service of Indian Military Veterans.
Chander Kamboj

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