Thursday, December 6, 2012

Latest Update on Rank Pay Case - RDOA

Rank Pay Case

1. Issue of letter by GOI/MoD dt 26 Nov 12 says only of compliance of SC orders of 4/9/12 on the Rank Pay Case.Does not talk of implementation.

2. Modality and Methodology of payment is still being worked out.

3. SC order has not been implemented; there is clear violation; and so it becomes fit case for filing of contempt. Leave the contempt filing to RDOA. 

4. RDOA is well versed with the case and knows all the pitfalls with answers to tackle them supported by documentary evidence and affidavits filed by UOI.

5. All are requested not to initiate any action or file any petition anywhere in the country relating to the case as it will become subjudice again and delay matters further.

6. Interest of all offrs starting with pre 1986, as on 01/01/86, who joined service after 86, who got promoted after 1/1/86 is on our radar. Same holds good for pre and post 1996 (V CPC) and pre & post 2006 (6 CPC). Offrs need not worry. No need to feel 'Hamara kya hoga'. We have come this far and we will 'Mop up' till pouch button is closed and payment reaches bank acct of each and every officer and to widows/legal heirs.

7. Please do not float unnecessary emails giving your own assessment and confusing others. No one is better in the knowhow than RDOA.

8. Kindly do not give any statement on national TV channels/media related to the case. Leave that to RDOA. We have our links and will do so at appropiate time.

9. Avoid any negotiation or back channel diplomacy on the subject case with anybody.

10. It is NOW or NEVER to restore lost ground. Kindly bear with us.

By the kind courtesy of RDOA

Breaking News - Rank Pay Case
This was expected:

"UOI have filed application seeking extension of time limit by another 12 weeks in the Supreme Court giving ref of its order of 04/9/12.
Main reasons given are:

1. Calculation of arrears spread over three pay commissions (IV/V/6 CPC). Work load heavy which has to be done for every officer.

2. In respect of pre 1986 officers no data exists which has to be created all over again.

3. Final financial implication can only be known once all calculations are complete in respect of every officer for which budgetary allocation is being done.

More will follow.

Secy RDOA"

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  1. UOI took 12 weeks time to decide to apply for 12 weeks additional time. This is the game of playing delay tactics.

    The UOI, could have, at least, issued fresh instructions about the basic pay structure in the absence of which fixation of pay and calculation of arrears for which UOI is asking for additional time can not be done by the responsible agencies of the MOD. CDA(O) already said that they have not received any orders from Govt for calculation of arrears. Now UOI has applied for additional 12 weeks time for calculation of arrears without giving instructions for fixation of basic pay. All beating the bush in the air. Hopefully Honorable Supreme Court of India may not accept the request of UOI for additional 12 weeks time without giving the progress made in last 12 weeks to justify the grounds mentioned in the application by the UOI. Pay calculating authorities can not calculate without clear orders and instructions from the Govt. The Govt, instead of issuing instructions for fixation of pay and then calculation of arreas, is just playing delay tactics saying that the work load is very heavy, no records are available etc. Unless instructions are issued pay fixation and calculating authorities can not proceeed further. UOI does not need even a day to issue instructions. The existing instructions need to be amended by giving the revised basic pay structure which need no additional time.

    In fact, such delay tactics were expected. Lets wait and see for how long the babus keep violating court's pronouncements & judgements by playing such delay tactics.

    We have faith in justice and we are sure that the law never allow the Govt to keep rolling the issue without any progress on the implimentation of the judgement.