Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Who would you like to be the next Indian Prime Minister?

1. Narendra Modi

2. Rahul Gandhi

3. Dr Manmohan Singh

4. P Chidambaram

5. Nitish Kumar

6. Mayawati

7. Mulayam Singh Yadav

8. Sharad Pawar

9. Sushma Swaraj


This photo-collection is by kind courtesy of rediffmail.com

Please give your reasons and justifications for your preferences on the basis of their popularity, past performances, moral courage and integrity, potential to head this beleaguered country and bring about drastic transformation and future prospects of the country under him/her .

Some more clean, motivated and capable persons have emerged for occupying PM's post.

 10. Arvind Kejriwal
11. Gen VK Singh

12. Or any one else 


  1. In my opinion the present PM Dr Manmohan Singh is very reliable and most popular man in our country to be next PM or he should continue for next five years. He is down to earth and understand the peoples and a great leader among the world famous personality. His decision making power make him unique and strong.

  2. Sir,

    Good initiative to shape and strengthen the thought process/ decision of the potential voters, for 2014 Gen Election.

    It is Mr " Narendra Modi". Entire nation knows why ! No need for Justification.

    It would be better ask for only the name, so as to save on time and blog space, from avoidable justification, which in any case, is prerogative of the individual voter/ commentor.

  3. None of them ....... what a sad thing that I have lost faith on all of them... Cheers.

  4. It is Mr " Narendra Modi". Entire nation knows why ! No need for Justification.

  5. Indian democracy should have Two/or Three National Political Parties in Lok Sabha recognised by Election Commission.Regional Party which can win more than 50 MP seats should be recognised to be National Political Party otherwise derecognised.Since there is majority party leader to be chosen as Prime Minister, why waste energy and misguide public views. In case voters to elect Prime Minister, then adopt other political system than present democratic system. I recommend Shri Manmohan Singh to continue Prime Minister irrespective of belongings to any political party through out his life span.

  6. undoubtedly NaMo deserves a chance at the center..I cannot understand what logic do people have in seeing MMS as a worthy PM...It fails my logic ..I am posted in Gujarat..There is almost nil corruption here and total accountability of government servants..I would only exhort my fellow countrymen to do justice to their vote to bring a much needed change for sake of our posterity..No other considerations attached to NaMo except for his vision related development model for nation..

  7. Dear Col Sir,

    As realized that, there been least nos./ almost no comments for a week or so, to this blog post, it seems the followers of this blog, mainly the AF Serving and Veterans, are no more interested in the outcome of Gen Election 2014,including party conglomerate and its "would be PM".

    This clearly reflects that the honest, disciplined and law abiding citizenry of our mighty nation has lost trust in the polity of the day, and just not interested in so called democracy completely highjacked by goons, non- patriotic, selfish and corrupt individuals, shamelessly manning the higher positions of national importance.

    Decade after decade (post independence), our community has been put at the mercy of Babus and Accountants of the MoD/MoF/CGDA ets. These civil servants, responsible for systematic down gradation of the services, over the period, engineered severe discrimination, in terms of status, protocol, equation with other civil services, authenticated pay, perks and mainly severe anomalies in pension post VI CPC. The dishonor towards the award of Apex Court Judgement, in our IV CPC Rank Pay Case, complete neglect of pension anomalies issues particularly of commissioned officers etc, speaks volumes of cunning and envious attitude of concerned civilian authority (Bureaucrats + Politicians nexus) towards the Armed/Defence forces of the nation.

    Going by the national standards, 70 % of population has been dragged to live the sub-human life, no access to employment, medicare, education and two square meals a day.

    In today's national and world economic scenario, can a nation like India really afford the pay and perks of all those placed in PB-4, HAG and above? Over and above this the NFFU and NFU, just to loot the taxpayer's money for having not been able to perform his/her tasks efficiently. These so called Gp-A cadre, Senior Officials, the self-evolved Brahmins of today's Govt administrative set up, have shamelessly, selfishly and systematically, been bleeding the national exchequer/treasury, at the cost of dignified survival of the majority population they are suppose to be representing and looking after. Probable details of possible pay scales, of VII th CPC, already worked out and being presented on some govt employee blogs, are so shocking that the nation and states will have to sell some of the Imp Govt/National Monuments to foot the would be bill of VII CPC, will have to be paid wef 1-1-2016. Can nation afford this in real terms? The big answer is no. Only feasible solution is to minimize/reduce existing scales of all those in PB 4 and above by 10 to 15 %, add existing grade pay and take this as New Basic Pay wef 1-1-2016. This will nullify the overburden imposed on treasury, by the implementation of VI CPC, over the next 10 - 12 yrs period. Those who like may continue. Else show them the door. In search of more greener pasture, all these inefficient and corrupt lot, will get kicked while performing any task out side the govt's over protected mechanism. Thus gross loss of Govt revenue can be minimized and in turn shall add to GDP of the nation substantially.

    In the light of above, let us be more focused on issues and information pertaining to apartheid treatment being offered to the Armed Forces Personnel and veterans, and gross neglect of well-being of common population of the nation, by its own Govt and Ministry, so as to apprise the nation/ citizenry, regarding ongoing issues, which will put credibility of present governance at a stake. This would also be very informative for potential voters to form their opinions prior casting their votes in 2014.

    It is privileged honor to go-through the immensely informative and thought provoking posts of your blog and we congratulate and thank you for the same. Good luck and all the very best for more and more valuable and useful posts in future.

    Thanks, regards, Jai Hind - Jai Bharat.

    1. Dear Friend,

      I certainly appreciate your bold and forthright views expressed with hardly any disrespect and arrogance. Your suggestions certainly need consideration. Will our unaccountable, greedy and self centred bureaucracy ever agree for such a suggestion. Somehow, I fail to understand why you have not disclosed your identity, which I would have very much appreciated.


      Col LK Anand Retd

  8. Dear Col Sir,

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement to think beyond narrow self interest.Comment dated 17 Apr published at 19:51, has also been offered by the undersigned.

    Sir, view limitation of characters for comment, I had to delete an important paragraph regarding CPCs in comment dated 22 Apr, and is as follows;

    Since the independence, powerful bureaucracy has managed to downgrade Armed Forces and groups like D an C. Single largest beneficiaries of these Pay Commissions, have been Senior Officials of Services like IAS, IPS and other Central Allied Gp A Services, with a proportionate trickled down effect, to the entry and mid level Gp A officers and to certain extend Gp B officials. Generally the CPC awards have been, Gp 'A' Civil Servant Centric with disproportionate benefit to Officers at highest position in hierarchy.

    To be rightfully cautious about the greedy and self centered probable designs of these senior bureaucrats, prior appointing the VII CPC, the citizenry/ honest taxpayer of this still developing nation (with almost crippled economy and retarded commerce, export of goods and services, reduced local consumption ), deserves to be aware of these facts and stop pondering the national wealth unjustifiably. These Officials in Imp position, tend to compare Corporate Executive's CTC, to threat the politicians while seeking pay revision every 10 yrs. In fact if nation works out the CTG (Cost to Government) of these nonperforming officials, it would definitely be more than 4-5 times the Corporate CTC.

    Suitable and affordable (with grate difficulty) probable norms for the salaries of Govt servants wef 1-1-2016 could be as follows;

    A. Existing pay bands be replaced with running integrated pay scales, for each grade/post, unlike V CPC.

    B. Min of pay For lowest Gp D : 10000 + present Grade Pay.

    C. Max of Pay to Sr. Most GP A official : 80000+ Present Grade Pay.

    D. All grades/ranks/category of employees be fitted accordingly in the above scales.

    E. All Gp A Officers of Civ as well as of Armed Forces up to the Brig be in same running pay scale. Gen rank officers and equi in next pay scale, Chief Sec and Services Chiefs, be awarded higher fixed pay.

    F. Use of Govt Vehicles, accommodations, seminars in Star Hotels etc., be brought to bare minimum, and be permitted only for essential services.

    Pensions : For Personnel retired before 01-01-2016;

    Average basic pay in the running pay scale shall be taken for all calculation of basic pension to the respective employee. For Ex for pay scale 10000 to 20000 / 2 = 15000 shall be the qualifying basic pension;

    A. For all Civ employees: 40 % of avg basic pay in the scale.

    B. For PBOR of Armed forces : 70 % do.

    C. All JCOs including Hon Comm Officers : 60% do.

    D. All Commissioned Officers Other Than Chiefs : 55 % do.

    E. Service Chiefs : 45 - 50 % as decided by President and not PM or any Babu (even senior most).

    F. The Top Salary of President : 90000 /- fixed.

    G. All salaries/ Honorarium of Ministers and Legislators be accommodated between 40000 to 60000 etc.

    All above may take care of long pending but not likely to come through 'OROP' for AF Services and dignified living to civ employees post retirement. Higher % of basic pension in the pay scale for services, will take care of early retirement age of the Service Personnel.

    All above submitted for perusal, thoughtful consideration and for desired input to VII CPC as and when constituted.

    My apologies for grammar and composition mistakes. I was lucky to study in mother tongue till SSC (only formal education I had out side service), hence my ignorance in use of English, deserves unconditional pardon.

    Thanks and regards,

    Lt Cdr DS Ramakrishna (Retd)
    Thane, 9769976959

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  10. Major NS Gill. 7th C P C Chairman and Staff should be from serving as well as retired officers as previous 1 to 6th C P C were manned from civilian employees.