Monday, July 29, 2013

Minimum Guaranteed Pension Now payable with effect from 01/01/2006

Implementation of the Govt. decision on the recommendations of Committee on the issue related to Defence Service personnel and Servicemen – Minimum guaranteed pension to Pre-2006 Commissioned Officers / Family Pensioners. (Circular No 500) & that payable to JCOs/ORs. 

As per above PCDA Pension Circular dated 17 Jan 2013 the Minimum Guaranteed Pension to pre 2006 pensioners was notified to be paid from 24 Sept 2012. 

The UOI had filed a SLP in the Supreme Court against the judgment of the Delhi High Court which had upheld the order of the CAT Tribunal on the subject issue. 

The SLP was dismissed today 29 July 2013 by the apex court. The HSC upheld the judgment of the Delhi High Court meaning thereby that the minimum guaranteed pension would be payable from 01/01/2006.

Judgment copy awaited.

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