Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Does an Ungrateful Nation Deserve Its Armed Forces

It is surprising to note the response of an Air India pilot. 

Maj Mukund Varadarajan Wife & Child
'A Major  and a Jawan  has Died '  is all one heard.   It was Maj Mukund Vardarajan  and Sepoy Vikram Singh  of 44 Rashtriya Rifles who laid down their lives to save civilian population at village Qazipathri in Shopian on April 25. Three terrorists shot dead in the encounter were threatening the local population against voting and were also responsible for the attack on polling     officers on April 24.

 Protection of these Voters was actually the job of the Armed Police which had been sent there for the conduct of voting.

This should have made National headlines in TV & Print. 

If No one cares for our Martyred soldiers. Why should there be​ such nameless faceless sacrifices by our men in Uniform.......for an Ungrateful nation?? 

We must take up the cause against this repeated disregard and in fact, disrespect to the Armed Forces. Each time a Soldier is Killed on Duty, The President, PM & Defence Minister must address the Nation Publicly and mourn the Martyr. A country that does not respect its Soldiers doesn't deserve any Armed forces.

This is not all. The pathetic attitude shown in the aircraft reinforces the above. The offr who escorted the mortal remains of Maj Mukund and Sepoy Vikram, requested the Air India pilot of the flight from Srinagar to Delhi to read a small note he had written on the Martyrs...and the pilot refused saying that it would scare the passengers if they got to know that they were travelling with two corpses...."WTF"...And compare this to the Wats App message shared sometime back about a similar instance in the USA where not only the pilot obliged but entire crew and passengers paid homage to their martyrs....

Really, why have the Armed Forces personnel pledged their lives in defence of their Nation and even in taking over the role of the Police Forces in internal Strife and Calamities, when we are continuously and progressively being short changed by the Government in our Status, Protocol, Pay & Allowances and Retirement Benefits.

Such a Shame. Even Barak Obama, who is an American who has not done Military Service, has the following to say ...''So long as I'm Commander-in-Chief, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. When you take off the uniform, we will serve you as well as you've served us - because no one who fights for this country should have to fight for a job, or a roof over their head, or the care that they need when they come home.'

Oh! My Dearest India......... Why do I continue to Serve Thee.


Brig Vivek Mehta


  1. Hello Vivek
    Of course, this ungrateful nation does not deserve its armed forces. But the equally valid question is - why should we ( armed forces ) bother so much? We are not a group of security guards who must sell ourselves to the society manager to hire our services. We are, what the tax payer wants us to be. The overall security of the nation is the responsibility of its people, not the armed forces. The people raise and maintain an armed force, in the way they find it worth their needs. They don't want us - so why persist? There are enough well paying jobs available to a guy.
    You've quoted an example of an airlines pilot refusing to get a message to martyrs read over the PA system. I know of worse experiences. When my unit tried to transport the body of our martyred officer who feel to the Naga militants in Manipur, we had to pay a bribe to get the body on board the aircraft.

  2. @Alok : I Salute you
    I do understand i am just another tax payer, I am now even more proud of you and the Indian forces than I used to be. Righteous even in dark tides.