Monday, December 22, 2014

Wit of Sam Maneckshaw

Principal Plus Interest Equals East Pakistan. 
   Gen Yahya Khan
Manekshaw was at his evocative best when he recalled his acquaintance with President Yahya Khan when the latter had worked under him in the military operations directorate of the British Indian Army just before partition.

Yahya Khan, then a colonel, was impressed by Manekshaw's James motorcycle which he had bought for Rs 1400. ''I told him that he could have the vehicle for as much. Yahya Khan, said he would give only Rs 1000. I said okay, Manekshaw recalled.

                                   Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw
But I don';t have a thousand rupees now, I will send it to you later from Pakistan, Yahya Khan said. It was August 13, 1947. Twenty-one years later Yahya Khan became the President of Pakistan.

I never received the Rs 1000, but he gave me the whole of East Pakistan,

Manekshaw said amid thunderous applause.

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