Friday, January 2, 2015

OROP - The Broken Promise – A War Veteran openly speaks his mind on Indian Raksha Mantri’s confusing utterances

Dear Veterans
A mail from Subedar Major (Honorary Lieutenant) Kameshwar Pandey is forwarded for information.

His stark and intense feeling of betrayal at the confusing signals from RM in the context of OROP, to divide the ONLY secular, cohesive and and all season functional Fauji community along rank lines is evident, and shared by the entire Fauji community. This, like ANY effort at making any distinctions between Fauji rank and file, would have disastrous consequences for the Forces due to the synergized manner of their functioning, where one category supports or melds with the other. 

As always, the glaring ineptitude of the MoD in understanding Fauji ethos, values and working stand out in the diabolical idea of 80% satisfaction, conjured to divide the Homogenous Fauji community.

Read the mail in trail to get the drift.  

With Warm Regards,
Col RP Chaturvedi,


From: Kameshwar Pandey 

1 January 2015 

Dear Sir,

Good evening and Happy New years to all.

It is reported in the news that the defence minister issued a statement saying that he    would try for 100 percent OROP but 80 % satisfaction will be assured.  On 31 Dec 2014, he stated that OROP will satisfy 80 percent Defence pensioners.
 This statement of the defence Minister will be demoralizing to the Armed Forces serving as well as retired.

The reported approval of OROP with 80% satisfaction is a total turn around from the statement of no less than the hon';ble PM of the country of a complete sanction of the same. 

What does this 80 % satisfaction imply? 
1. OROP for 80% of affected ESM meaning JCO'S & OR and leaving 20% out implying "The Officer cadre". or
2. Agreeing to pay 80% of the sanctioned amount and disallowing the balance 20%. or
3. Paying in two instalments of 20% in this fiscal and 80% in the next FY. or
4. Payment to 80% of ESM (JCO';S & OR) in the first tranche followed by payment to 20% (The Officer cadre) in the second tranche.
Or anything else needs clarification.
In any case of above condition it will cause fissures in the Armed Forces Personnel and will be highly demoralizing. If it is part of a well planned effort to DIVIDE the ESM into officers, JCOs and ORs by implementing OROP in such a way. It is a dangerous plan and will adversely affect the Army. In my opinion the babus and the politicians have already divided the country in the name of cast, religion, state, rich and poor. They should not play the same dirty game of divide and rule with Ex Servicemen also. A game they learnt from the British and a game they have mastered.
On retirement irrespective of the rank one has attained in service all ESM are clubbed in one category and that is as ESM. In view of which OROP in full measure to all personnel so affected "ONLY" will be acceptable. In 'NO' other form will it be acceptable. All ESM, particularly JCO's & OR stand firm and committed shoulder to shoulder with our erstwhile commanders & leaders the officers of the Armed Forces. Please grant 100% OROP or it will not be OROP. 
The IESM members of Eastern UP gathered in Varanasi today and the above was unanimously agreed to by all present. The attendees resolved to thwart any attempt to divide ESM. They have already submitted a memorandum regarding the early implementation of OROP to the PM's office established in Varanasi. The Rallies of ESMs at Varanasi, Khadsra (Balliaya) and Gahamar are planned on dates 10th Jan, 11th Jan and 12th Jan 2015 respectively.   
The following were the main attendees:
(a) Sub Maj Markandey Singh (member of Gen Body IESM Gahamar UP)
(b) Hav D N Singh  (member of IESM  G B Varanasi UP)
(c) PO Subhash Yadav (member of core Gp Varanasi UP)
(d) NK Anil Pathak  (Co-ordinator and convener Balliya UP)
(e) CPO SN Verma  (member of core Gp Varanasi UP)
(f)  Honry Capt R A SINGH (member of core Gp Varanasi UP)
(g) JWO BN Yadav (member of core Gp Varanasi UP)


Kameshwar Pandey
Sub/Maj Hony Lt (Veteran)

Governing Body Member
Indian Ex Servicemen Movement

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