Monday, February 2, 2015

ESM Rally on 01 Feb 2015, at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, fully achieved its aim and aim plus.

The Rally started  as per schedule at 1000 hrs. By 1030 hrs or so over 3000 ESM and Veer Naris had gathered and by 1100 hrs the number had swelled to 7000 to 8000.

 ESM organisation and ESM came from 10 or 11 states, including Tamil Nadu. A veteran officer came all the way from Singapore.

Bus-fulls came from Agra, Kanpur, Mathura, Meerut, Ghaziabad, Palwal, Udham Singh Nagar, Haryana and Punjab.

At 1100 hrs, as suggested by the RM, Maj Gen Satbir Singh, SM, Chairman IESM, with a delegation of about 30 All Ranks, from All Three Services and Veer Naris, went and met the RM in Kotah House (Naval Mess on Shahjahan Road, New Delhi. RM is staying in Guest Room No 1 in Kotah House.) 

On a request by Maj Gen Satbir Singh, Chairman IESM, The Army Chief was also, very kindly present, during the meeting.

The meeting lasted for about an hour. A detail report on this meeting is being prepared by IESM. 

A gist of the major issues discussed with RM is as under –

A.   The definition of OROP as accepted by the two Parliaments will be fully met.

B.    It is the total service and NOT the service in rank that will count for OROP.

C.    OROP will be applicable from 01 Apr 2014.

D.   The confusion created by DGCDA about the total amount required for OROP has been resolved by the RM. 

The estimated cost is Rs 9000 crore and not Rs 14000 crore as misled by DGCDA.

E.    The final proposal from MoD will be forwarded to Ministry of Finance by 17 Feb 2015.

F.    RM will make all out effort that the Finance approval is received by end of Feb 2015.

G.   As soon as Finance approval is received, Government letter about OROP will be issued to all concerned and implementation process will start.

H.   RM was surprised to hear the unfair treatment being given by MoD to the Veer Naris. (When pension of soldiers was revised by DESW, the pension of Veer Naris was not revised accordingly.)

RM has promised to look into the case on priority and will ensure justice is given to Veer Naris.

I.    The RM was also informed that DESW – Department of Ex Servicemen Welfare, is called by ESM and Veer Naris as - Department of Warfare against Ex Servicemen (DWES).

J.   Other issues discussed during the meeting will be intimated to you through IESM Report on 02 Feb 2015.

K.    The body language of the RM was very positive. He asked for being introduced to all the ESM and Veer Naris, present in the meeting, by their name and service. Before he was briefed  by Chairman IESM, he asked sepoys, NCOs and Veer Naris about their pension problems. CSD problems were also highlighted to him.

L.    The RM had permitted Gen Satbir Singh to announce the above facts at the ESM Rally at Jantar Mantar and it was done accordingly.

M.  The ESM and Veer Naris at the Rally were very happy to hear about very specific assurance given by the RM. 

The audience profusely thanked Chairman IESM for the achievements of IESM. 
But Maj Gen Satbir Singh said that it had been possible due to close cooperation among all ESM Organisations

He also thanked MP Shree Rajiv Chandrashekhar, who has been very keenly helping IESM regarding OROP and arranged first meeting between RM and IESM.

N.   Chairman IESM, Maj Gen Satbir Singh further stated that with the implementation of OROP IESM will achieve only one major goal set by it. 

IESM will now start work on other goals for which again cooperation from All ESM Organisations will be  required.

It is the pressure generated by planned Rally at Jantar Mantar on 01 Feb 2015, that very categorical statement about the OROP being granted as per the accepted definition, has been now made by the RM on 01 Feb 2015. Otherwise there were many doubts left in the various statements made by RM, FM and other Members of Parliament. Even while talking to Gen SK Bahri, the RM did not make any specific statement about the OROP being implemented as per the specific definition already accepted by the two Parliaments.

The Government did not want any negative remarks be passed at the Rally about the functioning of the Government, in particular the promise of OROP made by the PM, Shree Narendra Modi.

Probably that is why the RM himself called Gen Bahri on phone and then called for the IESM delegation to meet him on 01 Feb 2015.

Some of the ESM have been suggesting that RM’s assurance given earlier should have been trusted and Rally on 01 Feb 2015 was un-called for.
Well we have been trusting the politicians for last three decades – the result is known to all of us.

Besides the OROP definition being given in the two Parliaments, it is first time today that a high authority of Govt of India responsible for implementation OROP, has assured the ESM and Veer Naris, face to face, and confirmed that OROP will be as per the approved  definition and will be implemented by a specific date. All statements before 01 Feb 2015 by the Government were just general statements. ESM Rally on 01 Feb 2015 has achieved its aim in full and aim plus. Those of you who have been opposing the Rally should please now reconcile and join hands for further welfare targets of the ESM and Veer Naris.

I also wish to add here that Col BK Sharma, President Retired Defence Officers Association, along with some other ESM, also met the RM on 01 Feb 2015, at Kotah house at around 1600 hrs. Besides Rank Pay many other ESM issues were discussed. The outcome  has been very positive. RM has asked Col BK Sharma for a detailed written brief on all the issues discussed. He assured to resolve  all issues on priority.

A detailed report by President RDOA will be issued in about a week and will be forwarded to you. 

RDOA is also doing great job. I once again appeal to all ESM officers to become member of RDOA.

For membership of RDOA you may write to Col BK Sharma on email ID - beekay_sharma49@yahoo.co.in .

For membership of IESM you may please write to Wg Cdr CK Sharma, Treasurer IESM, on email ID - seekayess@gmail.com .

By the kind courtesy of
Report My Signal, In service of Indian Military Veterans & Families
Chander Kamboj

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