Monday, May 4, 2015

A Mail on OROP to the PM by Lt Gen. SK Bahri (Retd)

Here is an Email addressed to the Hon';ble PM from Lt Gen SK Bahri, Chairman, Alliance of Ex-Servicemen Organisations.

Dear Mr Prime Minister,

The ESM community is a very disillusioned lot. Reason being that you announced at the Rewari Rally in Sep 13 that you will meet the long outstanding demand for One Rank One Pension of soldiers soon after BJP comes to power. I WAS THERE when you said so. 

It is going to be one year since you became the PM and we are only hearing about new dates every few weeks. 

The expectations started from 1 Mar to 20 Mar, 1 Apr, 1 May, 26 May and now mid Jun. 

Periodic assurances are being given by the RM, COAS and of course yourself. 

The soldiers have now resigned to a future which is not dissimilar from what we had come to associate with your predecessors. 

A sad situation when they had such high hopes from you.

We are aware that you are dealing with an intransigent bureaucracy, but with your and the RM';s experience of dealing with it in your earlier avatars, we expected a much better handling of this animal from you both. 

There are murmurings that the FM is the culprit, as he had mentioned to some of us who met him soon after your government had been formed, that politicians are in the habit of making tall promises when faced by their constituents, which they may not be able to keep later.

May I remind you Sir, that you have made a promise to a soldier and so you are duty bound to keep it ie., if you expect him to keep his promise to the nation when he takes his oath on joining service. I hope we do not have to remind you again. 



Lt Gen SK Bahri PVSM (Retd)


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  2. .I have nothing more to add beyond what Lt. Gen. SK Bahri has written. I just want a quotation of what President Obama of USA has said " So long as I am the C-in-C, we will sustain the strongest military the world has ever known. When you take off your uniform, we will serve as well as you have served us, because no one who fights for the Country should have to fight for a job or roof over his head or the care they need when they come home"