Friday, July 3, 2015

A Heart broken veteran speaks out from his heart to NaMo on OROP, Posted on PM’s Face Book

That's what Col Sridharan, a course mate of mine has written on the PM's Face Book. The anguish we veterans feel, hope does not spill over. God forbid, that would be the saddest day. Regards.
Lt Gen JK Mohanty,
34 NDA Course,
18 Dogras

PM sahib : What is in your Maan for OROP? Namo is the Mantra that we chanted when we the Veterans like me, voted for u. You are no better than your predecessors. No Maan and No Baat Sahib? 
U have no conscience PM Sahib? Why make false promises and keep quiet and let your Minister of Defence make some stupid uncalled for remarks and back him like you have backed Sushma and Raje? 
I as a Veteran officer voted for BJP and today I find that your Government is as bad as the Government in 1962, when we the armed forces got a bloody nose and lost hundreds of soldiers and officers. Have u read history PM Sir? 
Do u know that this Denial mode to our Veterans and their legitimate demands will cause more harm in the days to come . U r sending a message to people of India not to join armed forces. Sad indeed Modiji. 
Modiji : u served tea. We served the nation. The difference is that we Veterans are at the mercy of a Chai seller who has no love for us Veterans, but your own self. 
Sad PM sahib. 
Colonel ( Veteran) A Sridharan VSM 

( returned all my medals ) 
I am from Coimbatore. Have me killed by ur cronies or harass me. At my age I await death under ur misrule 

Colonel A Sridharan


  1. Sir,
    .just imagine the plight of lower ranks. Mr. PM a Retd. Col is wailing for orop and you remain silent, you may not be knowing a col is the Root. It better for you to learn more, even Gandhiji said quote I will keep the strongest Army and speak peace. Unquote. When you bowed and touched your forehead at the entrance of pael hall. Years filled my eyes, niq you prove to be like any other politicians who take care if themselves. Let me pray for you please let mW pray do not spoil the secular fabric of this great Nation .

  2. Sir, I appreciate as well as can feel your pangs, please try to make our agitation worldwide & let the other countries know that Ex-Servicemen are exploited by their own Indian Govt. Jay Hind, Bharat Mata ki Jay...

  3. One Rank , One Pension ( OROP )

    As against 14 lakh serving military personnel , there are some 25 lakh retired military persons , in India , today

    They are demanding , " One Rank , One Pension "

    In simple terms :

    > Col Mhatre retired in 1985 , with last drawn salary of Rs 10,000 pm

    > Col Chari retired in 2000 , with last drawn salary of Rs 50,000 pm , and

    > Col Patel retired in 2015 , with last drawn salary of Rs 100,000 pm

    They all served for 30 years at the time of retirement

    As per present Pension Rules, by way of pension :

    > Col Mhatre may be getting Rs 2000 pm

    > Col Chari may be getting Rs 10,000 pm

    > Col Patel may be getting Rs 20,000 pm

    Under OROP , all of them would today , get Rs 20,000 pm !

    And as salaries keep climbing , with each passing year , they will all keep getting the same amount as pension, as the latest retiree in the same rank , who has put in same length of service , at the time of retirement

    A kind of " Indexation " , aimed at neutralizing the ever-rising " cost of living " which is same for all three retirees !

    And , the argument goes :

    " Why not ?

    Those who are serving , get their " cost of living " neutralized thru DA ( Dearness Allowance ) which automatically keeps rising every month , as CPI / WPI etc rise !

    Why should early-retirees be made to suffer , for having been born earlier / served earlier ? "

    One cannot find fault with such an argument !

    But if OROP is implemented , the Governments ( Central + States ) must get ready with answers to the following :

    > Will this lead to similar demands from millions of retired para-military forces and Police personnel , in all the States ?

    > Could this lead to similar demands from all retired Civil Servants , at the Centre as well as , in the States ?

    > Can this demand find an " Echo " in all retired Municipal / Panchayat employees , all over India ?

    > Will private sector retired employees make similar demands on Corporate Employers ?

    After all , no retiree ( of any kind ) , can escape the ravaging effects of ever - rising inflation ( cost of living ) ! Be rest assured , they will all be justified in making similar demands !

    This raises following further questions :

    > Will this set in motion , a Vicious Circle ?

    > Will this make India , a " High Cost Economy " ?

    Only time will tell

    But one thing is crystal clear

    Each succeeding generation will be required to bear the burden of ensuring that its preceding generation manages to live a life of dignity , which could well run into Rs lakhs of Crores !

    I cannot escape comparing this potential scenario with the present Greek Tragedy , where almost all citizens ( whether serving in Government or in private companies ) ,

    > Retire at the age of 50

    > For the rest of their lives , draw a pension equal to 90 % of their last drawn salary !

    I am not against OROP

    I am for creating awareness of the issues and for starting a National Debate


    hemen parekh
    09 July, 2015