Saturday, August 29, 2015

Responsibility of life of Ex Servicemen on Fast Unto Death

Most Immediate

From Aggrieved ESM of India.

His Excellency The President of India

Subject–Danger of Life of  Ex Servicemen  on Indefinite fast/Relay Hunger Strike

Your Excellency
We are the veterans of tri services of India and your Excellency is our supreme commander.  We the Ex Servicemen (ESM) are sitting on agitation Relay Hunger Strike (RHS) since 15th Jun 2015 at Jantar Mantar  for One Rank One Pension (OROP ) and today is 76th day of Relay Hunger Strike.

Fast Unto Death- We were expecting that Government of India will announce OROP immediately after we started RHS. That did not happen. Then we expected that the Government of India will announce OROP on 15th of Aug but we were disappointed again. Prime Minister did not declare implementation of OROP and hence under protest Two ESMs sat on FUD on 16thAug 2015. A soldier is supposed to kill enemy before laying down his life for country. But under your rule a soldier’s life is at stake and is being wasted as he is being deprived for his legitimate dues.

One ESM Col Pushpender Singh is on Fast Unto Death. He  was hospitalized because his medical condition was deteriorated  after 9th day of Fast Unto Death. He was replaced by two more Ex Servicemen and every day more Ex Servicemen are joining FUD voluntarily even after repeated request by the organizers not to go on FUD . As on today 10 Ex Servicemen are observing FUD.

Hav Major Singh who Started FUD on 16th Aug 2015 is on 14th day of FUD. Panel of Doctors have declared that his medical condition is deteriorated to dangerous level and he need s to be hospitalized immediately to save his life. Hav Major Singh has refused to be evacuated to the hospital and he is steadfast in his resolve that he will not take any medical treatment till OROP is implemented as per the approved definition.

Your Excellency and the GOI will be solely responsible if any damage / mishap happens to Hav Major Singh or any other ESM because of hunger strike. Your excellency you are requested to kindly  instruct the GOI to implement  OROP as per the MOD GOI letter Dated 26th Feb 2014. It is pertinent to mention that there are some issues where financial cost cannot be the sole determinant factor. The pensions of defense veterans is one of these.

 OROP stands approved both by the UPA as well as the present NDA govt. However, its implementation has not been carried out so far for the reason best known to your govt. In our meetings with DM. We had been informed that the proposal for implementation of OROP costing Rs 8298.48 Crs had been approved by the DM and forwarded to the Ministry of Finance on 17th mar 2015. It is here, where OROP file seems to have been stuck.

May we request you to kindly instruct your government of india to immediately implement OROP without any dilution whatsoever

“Jis desh ke sainik Sadko par us desh ka durbhagya hai”

Aggrieved ESM of India.

Lt Col Inderjeet Singh                         
Lt Gen Balbir Singh                   
Maj Gen Satbir Singh

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