Monday, September 21, 2015

SC Rejects Govts Appeal against Disabled Soldiers

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  1. Excellent. Now go for OROP &
    Told number of times we got rank pay 1986/1996 through SC. But 2006 rank
    pay was projected on 1986 lines. So lost it. The MoD letter of 1996 has
    denied Rank Pay saying MSP has been given in lieu. This is totally absurd &
    wrong. 6th CPC stated from 1/1/2006 while MSP started from Sep 2008 which
    is for military hardships.
    Rank Pay has been cooly eaten away by Babu's .which is totally wrong. Told
    number of times to Forces HQ..to take up case.But they have not bothered.
    Now only way is to take up case of rank pay 1/1/2006 with SC on basis of
    wrong action in MoD letter of rank pay 1996 sanction.
    Similarly OROP SC has directed in Feb 2015 to pay in 4 months.It is now
    clear cut case of contempt of SC. A contempt petition will make through
    OROP in a dignified manner without any dilution.

    Col Lamba