Thursday, September 24, 2015

Why do the Politicians and the Bureaucrats despise the Indian Armed Forces so much?

Dear People Of India,

As you know OROP (One Rank One Pension) has been announced though with some warts which need rectification and after getting the war heroes and war widows, many in their eighties, on the streets, a sad spectacle. As there has been a lot of disinformation and lack of awareness, you need to know some facts. These have gone unnoticed.

1.     We are Indian Army Soldiers. Countries like the US and UK and most other advanced democracies, with Armies that are facing conflict, venerate the men and women who serve in the Armed Forces. The UK parliament has even passed a law called Armed Forces Covenant. An Armed Forces Covenant is the expression of the moral obligation that the government and the nation owe to the armed forces community. The covenant acknowledges that members of the armed forces sacrifice some freedoms and often face dangerous situations. It recognises that families play a vital role in supporting the operational effectiveness of the armed forces. It is only in India where our men and women have to go through the humiliation of a comparison with a discredited bureaucracy. 

In the United States, 15 presidents have served in the Army/Army Reserve , 9 in the State Militias, 6 in the Navy/Naval Reserve, with 2 presidents having served in the Continental Army. In addition, eight presidents served during World War II, while seven served in the military during the American Civil War. That was the kind of military service they did before becoming the President and Commander in Chief of the US of America. No wonder they respect their Armed Forces and their Veterans. 

2.     Your Armed Forces  cannot be compared with the IAS,  IPS, BSF, CRPF, ITBP,  CISF , NSG,  Railway Protection Force, Rapid Deployment Force or the State Armed Police Forces.

A Nation can have only one Military. 

The renowned sociologist Morris Janowitz had famously said: “The intimate social solidarity of the military profession is both envied and resented by civilians.” A bureaucrat is in no way comparable to a man or woman who serves in the Armed Forces. Nowhere is this comparison even attempted, not in the United States, the United Kingdom or even China. It’s laughable and making that comparison is ludicrous. Neither can the Armed Forces be compared or equated to other police forces of a Country.

3.     We are accountable to you and to no one else because :

        (a)  we  have pledged to protect you, and we like to keep our word !

        (b). We  are sure that you love us and we know that you believe that the Indian Military is the last bastion of hope when the govt machinery, IAS,  IPS, BSF, CRPF, ITBP,  CISF , NSG,  RPF have failed ----- and when finally the Armed Forces fail ; India will be lost. 
Please Know These Facts.

4.      The Govt, Finance Ministry and the IAS/IPS lobby is denying your soldiers OROP under the plea of financial scarcity . The following will tell you their scarcity.

(a)  OROP already exists for 100% of the bureaucrats, judiciary and all the parliamentarians.

(b)  Our pension was brought down from 70% to 50% while theirs was raised  from 30% to 50% in the 3rd CPC.
       (c).  in the 6th CPC they doled out NFU - a system by which all IAS, IPS officers & Group A Services  (less Armed Forces)  would retire at the highest pay scale -thereby giving them highest pension plus OROP. They deliberately left forces out of it.

      (d).  The IAS, IPS  and the Central Services  also gave themselves ACP-Assured Career Progression - but again left forces out of it. By doing this, they brought the Defence Forces down severely and have made the forces least lucrative and least honorable job. Without doubt the aim was to downgrade the Armed Forces of India. Our enemies are happy and watching this great drama with glee! Do you know that till date a DIG was between a Lt Col and a Col. Now a Col has been equated with Non-Functional Selection Grade (NFSG). The rank of a DIG is now officially equal to a Brigadier. Both are now on a Grade Pay of Rs 8900. Because, of the machinations of the Govt and the Central Services to run down the Military.
         (e)   They can  "donate"  $ 1 million to Mongolia, donate 1.25 lac crore to a state in an attempt to capture vote bank, let scams of lacs of crore in govt, IPL and BCCI, give bailouts of hundreds of lakhs to Air India but feel poor when it comes to Rs 8,300 crores for the Armed Forces personnel who  are "FORCED" to retire young so that the nation can sleep easy.
5.  It is not just Modi's promise but a four decade old promise, An Approved Parliamentary Committee (KOSHIARY) Report, A Favourable SC Judgment (Maj Gen Vains) and a promise by all Govts.

6.     you cannot remain insulated  and see veterans and widows ignored and the status and parity of THE INDIAN ARMED FORCES vis-a- vis  other Govt servants distorted and this has been happening since 1947!!

7.     God forbid if one of your own sons or daughters or relative is in the forces ~~ would you still feel the same?? Will you send your next generation to the Armed Forces now??

8.  We are barred from strikes, protests, unions etc-for reasons of discipline, but rest of the country can get what they want any time by resorting to rioting, rail-roko etc!

9.     Have We Ever Failed You In Peace, War or Terrorism, Riots, Floods, Earthquake??   Recently, even the small scale riots in Gujarat could not be controlled by the Police or the Para Mil Forces (!!) and the Army did the job!! 

Just ask yourself. CAN THIS NATION SURVIVE WITHOUT ITS ARMED FORCES and can any one say that any other service can ever replace the ARMED FORCES??

Remember salary makes us do our job but its honour and recognition that impels us to embrace death willingly while executing our job. The politicians and bureaucrats have all along taken us for a ride and done nothing than dishonouring and degrading us since Indian Independence.

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