Tuesday, December 22, 2015

How Prime Minister of England updated pension of an Indian soldier within a few moments

There is an incident which occurred in 1995 when John Major was PM of Great Britain. The moment he heard from an Indian soldier (VC winner of World War II) that his pension was not updated since the end of World War II, he immediately took action, sent an official from British High Commission to his house in Haryana with necessary orders and lo and behold, his pension increased from 100 pounds p.m. to 1300 pounds p.m. The concerned soldier's lifestyle changed completely thereafter.

This is English justice. No wonder they ruled the world.

Will RBI/MoF learn something from them?

Are we mentally challenged?

It seems we are, because even after the announcement of a highly abridged OROP by the Raksha Mantri on 5th September 2015, the Government has not been able to make any headway in the actual implementation of that modified parity being interpreted as OROP by the Government. PM's statement that we have five years to implement it, is so far taking that course, and that too not the true OROP defined by the Koshiyari Committee.

Isn’t it a shame on the abilities of the Indian bureaucracy or so to say the Indian Government which so far has displayed intentional disinterest in implementing it, thus failing in fulfilling a solemn promise made by the Indian Prime Minister at his very first rally in Rewari in Sept 2013.

May God grant wisdom to Indian bureaucracy and be with the most neglected defence Veterans.

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  1. Sir, You correctly said. Surprising the time taken to draft a letter. This is the real difference between announcement and implementation.