Monday, December 7, 2015

OROP Notification

 Inderjit Singh 

Respected Parrikar Saheb

I was astonished to read your statement about OROP. It said that all major issues have been addressed. In case there are any issues that need to be considered it can be represented to the One Man Judicial Committee.  

OROP Demystified

Let us first see what are the major issues without which OROP has no meaning. First is that pensions of past pensioners are brought at par with the present pensioners, with the same rank and same length of service, irrespective of date of retirement. After this was done any future increase given to current pensioners is automatically passed on to past pensioners to ensure that past pensioners continue to draw the same   as the current pensioners.Have we addressed any of these issues to call an increase in pensions announced  as   OROP ? Let us examine one by one.

Now the Salient features of the OROP that have been addressed.

Date of Implementation

To begin with, pension of the past pensioners would be
re-fixed on the basis of pension of retirees of calendar
year 2013 and the benefit will be effective with effect from
1.7.2014.Pension will be re-fixed for all pensioners on the basis
of the average of minimum and maximum pension
of personnel retired in 2013 in the same rank and with
the same length of service.

OROP is equalisation of pensions and not re fixation. It therefore flouts the basic requirement of OROP.
Net result of this is that past pensions will be worked out on the basis of lower scale and what accrues will be given for three months less period. A loss of minimum of Rs 2100 cr to the veterans. Further the entitlements will be worked out on average of minimum and maximum of 2013 scales. In one stroke rather than give something what the Veterans want, it has taken away what has been given to them for decades Yes1 It is top of the scale I am talking about. 
Re-fixation After 5 Years
The next issue that seems to have been resolved is-
In future, the pension would be re-fixed every 5 years.

This would mean that the pension will never be equal to the current pensioners level. Instead of One Rank One Pension it will mean a minimum of One Rank Five Pensions.

Premature  Retirement

Now we come to the next point that has been resolved. 

Personnel who opt to get discharged henceforth on their  own request under Rule 13(3)1(i)(b),13(3)1(iv) or Rule 16B of the Army Rule 1954 or equivalent Navy or Air Force Rules will not be entitled to the benefits of OROP. It will be effective prospectively.
We were thrilled when you appointed a committee to suggest means to cut down litigation that the veterans have to resort to to get redressal for their problems. This benevolence is going to work precisely against that spirit. Rather than save them from going to the Court this will force every one to follow that channel.The result in all cases be in favour of Veterans but they will have to go through the trouble and expense.

Judicial Committee   

The next point is-

The Govt. has decided to appoint a Judicial Committee
to look into anomalies, if any, arising out of
implementation of OROP. The Judicial Committee
Will submit its report in six months,

What is this Judicial Committee going to solve that can not be solved by sitting across the table with us. If NFFU which is nothing but Daylight Robbery on the Govt Treasury can be approved and sanctioned for Civilians without a whimper, in a matter of days, all  minor issues that may arise can surely be solved by us sitting together. In any case our respected PM has given us Veterans Commission for our problems last year. It has yet to be constituted. Let this be made a reality. Our problems that come up can be looked after by it.

OROP Not Addressed

Having gone through this note you tell me whether all  matters have been addressed or not.  Honestly speaking these have only been addressed for destroying the very concept of OROP. The net result of this Notification will be all round disappointment and frustration leading to a flurry of Court Cases.The Veterans will continue to be treated as beggars by the Bureaucrats.

PM Who Means Business

We are not opposing this because we want to let down the Govt. Please do understand that we are, by taking this stand are only ensuring that our respected Prime Minister goes down in the history as a leader who liberated the Armed Forces from the stranglehold of the Bureaucracy and ensured that they got their rightful place in the Society and not the one who let down the Veterans. A leader who not only knew what he wanted  but also knew how to get it.


A concept that was brought up by us on 22 Feb 1982, has been finally defined by the Koshyari Committee of Rajya Sabha led by a very respected leader of the BJP and sanctioned by two Parliaments. This concept was devised to release the Veterans from the stranglehold of the Bureaucrats. This Notification is their desperate attempt to maintain their stranglehold. Their technique as usual has been to complicate rules so much that it becomes difficult to correct these in future. Its for the leadership to think whether the bureaucrats can be permitted to destroy the Armed Forces and play havoc with the National Security.

Submitted for your serious consideration and granting us proper relief. Full justice will only be possible if the present Notification is withdrawn and new one is issued. To ensure that the bureaucrats do not short change once again, we be co-opted with the drafting team. We are prepared to help in any manner you need our services.

With warmest regards

Yours Great Well Wisher
Lt Col Inderjit Singh
Author of OROP

The Hon'ble
Sh Manohar Parrikar
Defence Minister of India
South Block

New Delhi

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