Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Major General G.D. Bakshi and Smriti Irani

 Major General G.D. Bakshi

On Arnab's debate today I suddenly realized the difference between us soldiers and others. it suddenly hit me. It hurt me deeply to see what we have become. We have problems now with flying our national Flag.? I learnt with the greatest shock that so far the national flag has not been flying in our Universities? Why pray? Are they UN enclaves in Free India beyond the pale of our sovereignty? Are we required to sing the Communist international there instead of our National anthem? Are the universities paid for by our taxes required to celebrate every Afzal Guru , every Maoist? Celebrate every 76 brave CRPF boys who get killed by the Maoists? Celebrate every single soldier who gets killed in J&K? The problem is the sophisticated debate that these bastions of Leftist liberals have created. Every patriot is a lumpen. The smart set , the real cool intellectuals support Afzal Guru. For that is the fastest way to a Noble peace Prize or even a Magasay Award (Get rich quick guys- who cares for that land called India). Only soldiers like us are stupid enough to become EXTREME NATIONALISTS. Only soldiers make that extreme sacrifice !! And all along we were told it was the SUPREME sacrifice .The Flag my friend is NOT a piece of tattered silk to us soldiers. It is the SYMBOL of who we are. It is for this piece of tattered silk that we have to Fight and DIE- we have NO choice. You DO! That’s the difference.

HRD Minister Smriti Irani to 
Maj Gen (Retd) Bakshi on TheNewshour

“I am calling tonight not as a minister. I am calling tonight as an Indian citizen who see tears in the eyes of men like GD Bakshi. This is a message only for him. There are political battles, explanations, picture and debate which will ensue in the forthcoming session of the parliament..… But as an Indian citizen tonight I want to tell men like GD Bakshi. It is the greatest tragedy of my nation today, that I see tears in the eyes of a brave soldier like you, Sir... Let me say this as every Indian watching you tonight would say. Men like you have bled for our country, men like you have never asked us for anything in return. And tonight as you weep on News Hour, I will only say this, as an Indian citizen we are grateful for your sacrifices, we are grateful for your service.  And, under the flag, every day - knowingly and unknowingly - know this, we will be grateful for ever."

Dear Friends,
Please see the enclosed which are self explanatory, It is true, many of us do not even pay attention whether any university in India has national flag flying on its campus. When we walk into any campus of universities abroad, UK or US etc you can see both national flag , state flags along with university emblems all flying together.

It is good that HRD minister Ms. Smriti Irani took notice and expressed sympathy to tears of Maj Gen Bakshi as an Indian citizen. Hope as a HRD minister , her ministry orders the offending universities to fly national flag with all due honors and protocol . 

Hope the universities know  what Indian national flag looks like.  May be HRD ministry can send a picture along with the required order. We don't want to go or visit an University in India and see a Pakistani or Chinese flag flying there regardless of rights and freedoms of expression that allows their students to shout Pakistan Zindabad.
Best wishes,

G V Chelvapilla


  1. What the hell! As if GD Bakshi is a golden benchmark Anything that make GD cry must be a wrong thing. Grow up, man.

  2. Mrs Irani could have addressed him as General Bakshi.