Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Panel Discussion on Veteran's Welfare

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  1. There are many anomalies yet to be sorted out even now with regards to the 6CPC. And then we got OROP anomalies to be sorted out by Reddy committee and then corrected by the SC's present litigation. The PMO failed n this respect totally. The 7CPC brought in a degrading pay/perk/pensions for the soldiers and the ESM which will linger on forever. All this is just because the powers entrusted with implementation orders are not working with a open mind and the committees do not apply their logic in favoring the affected. All the decision making is non transparent. So, be sure we the soldiers and the ESM will be running around the courts for justice just because of the injustice meted out by the irresponsible and egoistic bureaucracy.